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  • Currently working on this beautiful M5.
    converted from Forza Motorsports 4. Edited by me

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Some features it will have:
    -HQ Exterior, Interior and engine
    -Breakable glass
    -Dirt\burn mapping
    -Mirrors Collision
    -HQ mirrors reflections
    -Working lights
    -Movable steering wheel
    -Door sills/shuts
    1 Front bumper
    1 Hood
    2 Grills
    Interior Seats
    Roll cage
    Speakers in the trunk
    3 Spoilers
    Carbon Roof
    Note:the car is still in development i might add more tuning parts!

  • This post is deleted!

  • For some reason I would like to see it as a 530d m-sport version, not an M5. There are just slight differences between them actually. The M5 is too mainstream when it comes to modding. ++ There already exists E39 M5. Perhaps with the original model even from the same game.. Think about it

  • AWESOME.. I love the classic looking 4 door BMWs.... Ill be installing this for sure whenever you get done

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