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YMT Editor - not just for Creators

  • Roughly a year ago I posted a tutorial called Basic Ped YMT Editing - Components, Clothes, Textures which was viewed quite a few times - indicating interest.

    Unfortunately this tutorial can't be updated, well at least not the original post (you edit by reply only). When I wrote the article it involved editing text files (xml) some of which had pretty obscure tags. All in all the process could be a huge PITA and required tons of attention to detail.

    Since then a new tool was uploaded. It's called YMTEditor by @grzybeek and it can facilitate the process tremendously - it's a great tool, period. Interestingly it's only been downloaded about 800 times. I think the reason being it's a tool creators will love but the general user (like me) might not even be aware of.

    Most importantly, the casual user probably doesn't realize what they can do with this tool and how easy it is. I'll give you an example of how I used it to modify the excellent Ada Wong Mod by @alex189. The creator, Alex, provided quite a few variations of this ped, but it meant installing 2 or 3 addons and also choosing if you wanted one hairstyle over another, as an example.

    The great news is you can combine all of the Ada Wong hairstyles and all of her clothes into 1 ped. If you know how to use a bitmap editor like Photoshop or GIMP you can even create your own textures and use the YMT Editor to add them.

    DISCLAIMER: the Ada Wong ped in the video is the intellectual property of CAPCOM Co (Resident Evil), the conversion is attributed to the excellent work of @alex189. This customized version is NOT available for upload and will not be released. You can create a similar mod, for your personal use, by using the YMTEditor and your own textures. You will need about 1 hour for the whole process.

  • @JohnFromGWN great stuff brotha didnt even know about this

  • I've used YMT editor to edit NPC's and it's quite handy!
    I was confused on how it worked but got the hang of it later.

  • @JohnFromGWN This looks like it has excellent potential! I dig MPC, but the 'meat bug' is a PIA and it not being able to have real slots for heels, hats, ear pieces and bangles are disappointing. So you say this will work for Freemode characters? I looked at your vid demo, is there a tutorial on how to use YE?

  • @iammistahwolf

    No idea what YE is. Did you mean the YMT Editor? If so, there's nothing to it. Simple ASF.


    There are really 2 components and as usual lots of attention to detail: ydd and ymt. Well 3 if you also count the ytd where you will add your new textures, properly renamed/renumbered. The only file you don't touch is the yft.

    You need to export the ydd file to openformats.
    If the ydd file is locked, you need to export it to xml with RPF Explorer and then simply reimport the xml file. Then you can export to openformats.

    Editing the openformats is very simply but again you need to be thorough. You need to change folder and file names. For example, you have Hair00 but you're changing it to Hair03 for your new model. You also need to edit the .odr files, once more so that the numbers are properly incremented.

    Same goes for the .odd file. It needs to be updated to include additional components.

    When the openformat edits are finished you drag it back (just the odd) to OpenIV.
    You also drag back the ymt file.

    All in all extremely simple but many steps so you need to be alert because loading GTA 5 is a PITA.

  • Heh, I was with you 'til you hit 'RPF Explorer', '.odr and .odd files! Hell, trying to get anything to work 'properly' outside of 'R's crap means putting in some work. Where do I get 'RPF Explorer' and can I edit the aformentioned files with that? And yes, 'YE' = 'YMT Editor'. Thanks!

  • @iammistahwolf sorry. I should have written CodeWalker's RPF Explorer, which I run as the standalone and is now linked on this site.

    Ydd files contain ydr files. These are the drawables such as hair, uppers, lowers, etc.

    OpenIV allows you to export these files in what it calls the openformats, one word.

    So odd is like ydd, and odr is like ydr.

    So a ydd, or data dictionary, is a collection of hairs, heads, accessories, feet, etc.

    Once exported, assuming the models are compatible, you can add components to one model from another.

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