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Oiv Files And addons through Dlclist Gone!

  • I was finishing up putting mods into my DLC list and I entered the game. The game took longer than usual and then crashed which isn't new to me. Once I reentered the game, it did not crash but one of my plugins did crash. I figured oh well and reloaded the plugin. Then I realized all of my addon cars had disappeared out from my dlc xml and my Glock mod had also been uninstalled. I reinstalled the Glock mod but am trying to figure out what happened.


    if you use OIV files, be aware sometimes that automated process will overwrite your dlclist.xml (and other content in your mods folder rpf's) thus your dlcpacks are gone from dlclist.xml

    best advice is to never let any OIV make changes to your game but extract its contents manually (unpack any OIV by renaming it to zip or rar) and use its assembly.xml to determine which file goes where

    that way you'll notice straight away when your already modded files will be affected by the new mod you are installing

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