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Need help finding an old mod

  • A couple years ago there was a mod I believe it was called "New Grove member". I can't remember the exact title but it used the prisonmuscl ped and added it to the Families gang. It was the tall buff black guy wit the crazy hair inmate ped but retextured to have blue jeans and a green bandana. I can't find it anywhere if you know what I'm talking about let me where it is.

  • And don't say no smart shit like just photoshop and do it yourself I don't know how

  • It's called "Extra Fam Member"
    I just put "Member" in the search bar and boom, found it!

  • Hope this helps!

  • u are the fuckin man!!!!!!!! @EcLiPsE

  • @EcLiPsE just realised ur the dude that made Lin a couple days ago lol. yo upvote me a couple times if u dont mind. I have -1 rep on the forums so it has a 600 second cooldown in between responses. I meant to say the first part like an hour ago

  • Sure thing, always love to help a homie in need.

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