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All Mods in DLCPACKS Are not working ANYMORE

  • Hi, i've been using mods for a while and i never faced any issues like this one.. so installed 2 car mods to my dlcpacks folder and all of the sudden all mods in the folder stopped working like Real California Plates or all of my ADD-On cars are gone and don't show in simple trainer and like hollywood sign is gone every single mod that is in dlcpacks stopped working.. i tried deleting the 2 cars i added and same problem i checked my dlclist.xml and nothing wrong with it.. i've tried anything and nothing is working i need help asap please.. i have script hook updated i have everything working perfectly fine i just don't know what happened.. everythting is installed in in the correct [lace in the mods folder, here's my dlclist.xml file

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    i need to fix this asap.. and thank you

  • i fixed it by copying the vanilla dlclist.xml and added 1 line to see if that one mod will work and it did.. if someone is having the same problem just get the default dlclist.xml

  • ok so i can only add 1 mod to the dlclist.xml ... if i add more than 1 none of them work so.. wtf??? any fix?

  • @Raven4289

    If you fixed it, temporarily, by copying over the vanilla list it means one or both of two possibilities:

    1. You had issues with your original dlclist.xml, 100% probability it was the last items you added or an editing error while adding them to other lines.
    2. The mods you installed, very likely with an OIV, screwed everything up.

    When you post your dlclist.xml, as you did, the forum unfortunately strips out ending forward slashes, so impossible to tell if your list is missing them or if the forum replaced them.

    should look like

    in other words, no easy way to check this dlclist.xml. Next time please post it using ` symbols or ``` or use pastebin.

  • @Raven4289 Nevermind. Your last two closing tags are wrong.

    Next time, copy a working line and carefully edit it. Don't do it the way you were doing.

    The closing tags have to be:
    </Item> and definitely not <Item>


  • And for anyone reading this, don't replace your vanilla list with the default one. It's only a text file. Just go over your file and usually the last items will contain the error. OpenIV also has a syntax checker at the very top - although normally it detects gross syntax errors when you try to save it.

  • @JohnFromGWN the problem when i added last 2 cars and i deleted them from the dlcpacks file and deleted their lines from the dlclist.xml and same thing.. didn't fix it
    i downloaded a new game config and now it allows me to use only 4 mods.. i don't know what went wrong or how to fix it

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Raven4289 I don't know why your game broke again, but you were definitely missing proper closing tags for item in what you posted.

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