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come risolvo?

  • hi, I installed the GTA IV map on GTA V using OpenIV and downloading the latest gameconfig and fixing the pattern 21 (obviously following all the steps indicated by the read me file... at boot time it gets to the loading screen where you have to select the game mode and it stops, without giving me any error screen, it just stops itself, help?

  • @Aaaaugh There are many variations of Liberty City available so just saying GTA 4 isn't helpful. Before installing a mod like this one, and in passing the instructions are confusing AsF and useless, you should ensure your system is properly configured with all the essential mods.

    A gameconfig.xml is not the magic solution to modding. All the components from your hardware, windows software, and essential mods must work in harmony. And even then, some tweaking and experimentation is required.

    Liberty City is a relatively easy mod to install but avoid using an OIV installer unless you know how to peek inside because some of them will overwrite your brand new gameconfig.xml, replacing it with one from the stone age. Others might replace your dlclist.xml.

    I must have 6 versions of Liberty City downloaded, but only one installed, and I also have the legal version of Steam's GTAIV. The number of versions are mind baffling. Different locations, with Vice City, with Vice Cry, with Cayo Perico North, with Cayo Perico South, with asi mods to disable Los Santos etc. Good luck finding a source explaining the differences.

    I manually installed a Remix version but spent several hours fixing minor issues:

    The sounds of the Ocean in the middle of the city, the statue of Liberty's flame, missing TRex skull, and the billboards in Times Square.

    Strongly recommend you start installing simple mods like vehicles first until your system is stable for modding.

  • capisco, ti ringrazio della risposta, tuttavia non ho ancora compreso la parte relativa all'armonia del computer... potresti essere più chiaro per cortesia?

    grazie mille :)

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