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I need help removing the illumination from car taillights on the floor.

  • I have tried editing "<intensity value="0.25000000"/>" under taillight in everysingle carcols file and it didnt work. https://imgur.com/a/QUJSzZU Heres an image i dont know how to add it without a link.

  • @Chexx Did you do the edit in proper Light Setting IDs? Because many vehicles are using different light ID so some of them might have their intensity values different. When I checked the main carcols.ymt with Notepad++, 2 taillight intensity values are different than 0.25000000 .

    You can find which car using which light ID in carvariations.

    Well normally setting this value to 0 should work but there might be some carcols you missed :thinking:

    • The first idea I can give is, take any addon car's dlcpack and delete everything in it except carcols.meta . (You need to do some edit to content.xml too like removing the deleted stuff from there otherwise your game will give Corrupted Archieve error.).
    • Once that is done, copy paste the everything inside carcols.ymt (The one you can find in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data). You can remove the entry blocks that are not related with lights, like kits, sirens etc...
      Then change all the id values' taillight intensity value to 0.
    • In setup.xml, give a much higher number to order value and make sure you put this dlc you created at the bottom of dlclist.xml. So it loads last overwrites any other DLCs.

    Well I believe this solution should be the proper one and should work if there won't be a magical interference from your other mods or original files (there shouldn't be with this order sorting... but you never know what this game might throw in your way either ..)

    • The other thingy I can say is, well if making the taillight intensity 0 not working then my believe is there are other carcols.metas that superseeds the ones you edited, but I guess it won't hurt to try changing inner and outerconeangle values to 0 as well, perhaps also setting emissiveboost value to false too.

  • @MissySnowie I figured it out. All I had to chage was the tailLights in carcols.ymt. i didnt do this previously because it was "corrupted" or whatever you would call that when trying to open it with any other text reader. I had to export it to xml, find and replace the same tailLight thing I did before. and then rename to ymt put it back in and it was fixed. I only tried editing every other carcols file because another post someone had the same problem and that was the reply. Thank you.

  • @Chexx I just realised that its not just the carcols.ymt I have to edit its all of them. Yes the .ymt worked for some cars but not all.

  • @Chexx Unfortunately when a new dlcpack gets released, if it has carcols.meta which contains the Light IDs from the carcols.ymt inside update.rpf, it's overwriting them :(

    So if you plan to remove that glow for every car, you need to do it pretty much with every carcols.meta you can find inside dlcpack along with dlcpatch :(

    If you wish for only spesific cars, then you can check their light id from carvariations.ymt and change only those IDs in carcols. But you will still need to check every carcols.meta :(

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