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I’m borderline clueless with this whole world, so is all this modding for me?

  • Hi guys,

    New here. Basically, I am itching to play GTA with mods, something I’ve always wanted to do, dating back to the San Andreas days. But I’ve always just assumed it’s far too complicated and likely to go wrong should I go down that path.

    I only understand the basics of using a PC, I’ve never played any modern games on there. I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Even buying a PC that can cope and run the great mods on here, I also wouldn’t know where to start?!

    Should I stay away from all of this if I’m thinking like it’s too much to take on?

    I just want to pick up and play. I’d even pay for someone to install the mods and do the dirty work hahah.

    Im at least aware of how much I’d need to spend on a PC. That’s fine, it’s just the rest that goes with it. It blows my mind.

    I’ve read through the tutorials on here and tried my best to understand it but it’s just gibberish to me almost.

    I hope you guys can appreciate someone who’s a little perplexed by the modding world and can help. Even just some advice as to whether I should bother or not, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks In advance. Appreciate you reading.

    Kind Regards

  • @Woz4l just see videos of installing mods

  • @Max20452a if it was that easy there wouldn't have been millions of postings about modding issues since the launch of GTA5.

    Including yours.

    And mine.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Hi, yeah this is my point. Not everyone understands it

  • @Woz4l modding can get complicated but that isn't the case for installing mods.

    It means educating yourself, understanding the environment, but mostly attention to detail.

    I'm sure lots of people wonder why I'm reinventing the wheel by writing guides on a blogger site when there are millions of videos out there.

    1. Unlike videos and most forum posts, I update my articles so they're still accurate and relevant in 2023 as well as with game patches.

    2. I use a combination of text, videos, and images. More practical then pausing or rewinding videos or squinting your eyes to read tiny text on a video, particularly an older low res one. I also do my best to be clear and concise.

    3. Everything I post is tested for accuracy

    So I invite you to look at the link I sent you and make your own decisions. All I can say is modding GTA5 is putting it on the greatest steroids.

  • @Woz4l hmm tell me what mod you wanna install bro

    i can help you


    @Max20452a do not hijack someone else's thread when you need support, posts removed

    @Woz4l reading your first post, I advise you to first just play the game as is

    because when you start modding without basic understanding of PC games and without discipline to work methodical when editing games files it's only going frustrate you unbelievably

  • @ReNNie said in I’m borderline clueless with this whole world, so is all this modding for me?:

    @Woz4l reading your first post, I advise you to first just play the game as is

    because when you start modding without basic understanding of PC games and without discipline to work methodical when editing games files it's only going frustrate you unbelievably

    Just to add to what @ReNNie posted, you also need a solid understanding of Windows file operations - how to edit text files, how to extract archives, folder creation, renaming, copying, moving, permissions etc. A knowledge of image (bitmap) editing will also be very helpful.

    If you're new to computing or intimidated, take his advice and just play the game as is - it's a fantastic Open World even without any mods.

  • @ReNNie

    Appreciate that advice, thank you. This was my fear, that I’m going to get angry and wanna throw things lol

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I see. Thank you. I’ve been playing GTA games since the late 90s but all on console. I’ve always been aware that the PC world is a whole new thing.

    It’s a real shame, I wish it was more straightforward.

    Is there anyone on here who provides a service where you pay them to login in to your computer and install the mods you want?

    Thanks again

  • @Woz4l
    You definitely do NOT want a stranger taking over your computer.

    Even if you had a trusted friend, the basic setup is the easiest part of modding GTA 5.
    After you first Rockstar update you go through, the modded game will likely be broken.
    As you add maps, weapons, peds, vehicles, scripts, things will break as well.

    All can be fixed, but do you want someone constantly fixing things for you?

    As I wrote before, if you're not comfortable with Windows, then definitely take @ReNNie's advice and play the game as it was intended to be played, without mods.

    If you still want to mod, then take a Windows course (basics) until you're comfortable creating folders, renaming, copying and pasting. Honestly anyone using a PC should learn these skills that even a child can master.

    One last point. You can't damage your game by modding. If you fail, you can always start with a new installation.

    The forums are also here to help.


    @JohnFromGWN to expand, we also have a support channel on discord, that's sometimes helpful, sometimes it's... not. Discord definitely has its own dynamics, let's keep it at that.

    Modding wise there's big things and smaller things, as in there are some very nice scripts that are not that hard to get working (so the files you need to get it up and running are pretty straight forward) and will not require a great deal of experience and effort to get working when an update comes

    So if you do not create a learning curve that's to steep you can definitely enjoy mods. Just... babysteps, especially on the first things you do.

  • I can do the basics, naming folders, copying and pasting etc. I know how to work a PC, it’s just if it got more and more complicated, that’s all.

    Thanks for the info so far

  • @Woz4l It gets as complicated as you want it to get

    If you want to push the envelope you create your own 3D models and write your own scripts. Those are two distinct skill sets and very few people have both.

    In comparison, installing mods is a joke. There isn't any complexity to installing mods. If you need to watch a Youtube video to install OpenIV, as an example, you shouldn't be allowed to use a computer. You download, run the exe, and hit ok after every prompt. End of story.

    Essential mod files like scripthookV are installed by unzipping (extracting) and copy pasting to the game folder. That's it, that's all.

    Same logic applies to creating a mods folder and a scripts folder.

    Now for installing mods? It's purely the ability to follow instructions and you only need to do that once. After a couple installs you never need to read instructions if you don't want to.

    alt text

  • That’s really helpful, thank you @JohnFromGWN
    Sounds like with a bit of patience I might get there. I’m going to look at PC’s this weekend.

    How often do things go wrong, after downloading various mods? Is it usually an easy fix or more difficult?

  • @Woz4l
    The water's fine once you get in.

    Dive in headfirst and quit stressing about installing a mod.

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