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Can't access the forums using my new account

  • Hi all. I wanted to change my username from Hayneiac to FoodSandwich since that's what I use everywhere else. But since I don't have much activity on here, I didn't feel like bugging a mod to change my name, and just created a new account with my new name. Unfortunately I used the same email address, and now when I log in from the main page as FoodSandwich and click over to forums, it switches me to Hayneiac. Same with when I log in as FoodSandwich from the forums. This happens even on different browsers, if all my browsing data is cleared, or if I'm on mobile instead of PC.

    I noticed that I can change my email address in my profile on the mods/files section of the site, but it doesn't change what it appears to be on my forum profile, and there doesn't appear to be a way for me to change the forum profile's email address. I was hoping that changing the forum email address would "unlink" the accounts.

    But I also noticed that if I click on the link to view FoodSandwich's forum profile, it says the user doesn't exist.

    I just want to be able to post on the forums using the same account from the mods/files section of the site. I'm perfectly fine with having this Hayneiac account deleted if that's what it takes to fix the issue.

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