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How can I add custom names on addon vehicles?

  • I have some addon vehicles installed on the game, but I noticed that they don't have the manufacturer and car name on them, just blank text, so is there a way to add them?


    the dlcpack for the Add-On itself has to contain a dlctext.meta file (it's empty) and reference for it in content.xml

    vehicles.meta holds the code name on the brand/make and name entry

    global.gxt2 in the lang folder in the dlc.rpf holds the actual names (you can extract it via the extract to META/XML option in OpenIV iirc to global.oxt that can be edited in Notepad etc)

    so, vehicles.meta

    in global.gxt2
    CHEVY = Chevrolet
    BELAIR = 1958 BelAir

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