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GTA updated again!

  • Another GTA5 update now to wait for Scripthook to be updated :face_palm_tone1:

  • Banned

    There is no recent downgrade file that work ?

  • @21scar I never figured out how to keep R* from automatically upgrading my current game

  • @21scar , @Joey_Gabagool

    Hey guys. The game is updated 1, 2, or even more times every year - like clockwork.

    But you knew that right?

    So too late for this time but you might want to think about the next one. Instead of complaining, follow 1 very simple step until AB, if he's still available, updates SH5.

    Of course if he doesn't update it, you'll never play again. Never. Imagine that. No more GTA5 modded!


  • Ah, and i thought it was me reinstalling the mods folder wrong. Well, let's hope the update won't screw up more mods...

  • does anyone have a download link to version 282 exes?

  • Which files does the latest update change? Backed up the files and still on 2699.

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    This post is deleted!

  • It’s annoying even if you’re “prepared”.
    I deleted everything from vanilla installation to save space on drive, steam downloaded 70G to fix it 💩

  • @Sata well that must have been a total waste of time. Only GTA5.exe needs to be replaced.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank You for the help.
    I use R* Launcher not Steam so then once backed up (before the update) Then R* update those files. When you replace them with the backups what keeps R* from updating them again

  • @Joey_Gabagool That's an excellent question and I'm honestly surprised nobody has ever posted a solution.

    I'm on Steam and once I revert after an update I don't get nagged until the next update.

    Obviously Steam sets a flag after the update. But where is this flag? Is it stored locally with the game? Stored in some common Steam folder? Is it a registry entry?

    Or is it kept in the cloud, on a Steam Server?

    If locally stored and we knew where, we could end all these issues once and for all.

  • More & more I’m staring to think I should get off R* & onto steam before I pick up RDR2

  • @JohnFromGWN I just confirmed the backup procedure doesn't work on GTA Launcher. Going to now switch to Steam & have one less irritation in my life

  • [February 1, 2023]


    Implemented a new data protocol in GTA Online to improve the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging
    Fixed an issue that could result in a player’s GTA Online experience being modified by a third party, including:
        altering GTA$ balance, RP level, Bad Sport status, and other player stats
        manipulation of players being kicked or crashed

    Game Stability and Performance

    General stability improvements

  • How to disable automatic updates in R* Launcher?

  • One thing you can do if you use Steam is to disable automatic updates of GTA, then make sure you run GTA with NO online connection until there's a scripthook fix.

  • @Nick_AM you can’t on R* launcher. I’m in the process of switching to steam where you can but it means buying GTA again at the steam store.

  • @Number42 You can only pause Steam Updates, not stop them. Disabling automatic updates is just a crock, giving users the illusion Steam gives you a choice. All it does is delay the inevitable. Your game will update and if SH5 isn't updated you will never play modded again. Never. All those good times gone forever. Just kidding.

    Disabling your internet isn't the solution. Backing up your Steam GTA5.exe is the way to go. You do it once and you revert in less time than it takes to let out a small fart.

  • I'm now backupping the main files which gets updated so I can downgrade at anytime and continue using all mods including graphic mods.

    These are the GTA5.exe and update.rpf and update2.rpf

    I have the Rockstar Launcher version. Normally the launcher would update over and over again after downgrading. However I installed a savegame a time ago and get the "cloud save file conflict" dialog. Keeping this dialog open and downgrading the files. After skipping the dialog, the game starts on the older version. The launcher doesn't check for updates after the cloud save conflict dialog.

    That way I got it working to play on an older version which is compatible with all mods from that particular backup moment.

    Though, there seems to be something changed this time, that after the update the folder and file permissions of the game files are updated again to "read only" permissions. This causes issues with ELS (and maybe other mods which needs writing permissions), and the game crashes after loading screen.

    Setting the permissions to read and write for your user account over and over again fixes this.

  • @ModdingWithKelvin said in GTA updated again!:

    These are the GTA5.exe and update.rpf and update2.rpf

    Only GTA5.exe needs to be backed up.

    The caution is not to let OpenIV update your modded version of update.rpf.

    My game installation folder always is updated. I just revert with GTA5.exe.

    No permission issues. No B.S. One file, end of story until next update.

    Obviously you should backup all your mods and scripts - but backing up vanilla files is a waste of time and waste of space.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Oh okay! Well I experienced my game was crashing when I did only revert the gta5.exe some time ago (while my update.rpf was updated by the launcher).

    Putting back the update.rpf belonging to that game version, fixed it. Might be that I've some something wrong in the past.

  • @ModdingWithKelvin If your dlclist.xml is clean, in other words doesn't contain junk from the new update, then it shouldn't crash. If you are copying over the new update.rpf to your mods folder, definitely you will crash. Anyway, if it's working for you, keeping doing it.

    With my setup, I could in theory, swap my GTA5.exe back in and have a perfectly updated game. But since I don't play GTAO and I don't give a damn about the new DLC I never do that except if I want to replay in Vanilla mode with an updated game.

  • Every f*ckin time I come back to this game, it just so happens to be right after an update and before SHV has updated. UGH.

  • @PermissionToLand

    Do they still update this game? Damn no wonder I can't play. That was the last straw. Uninstall.

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