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some cars look like this - why?

  • hi!

    does somebody have any idea why my replaced police cars look like this??? addon cars are working fine only the replaced police cars look like this.


  • looks like textures problem...
    make sure you replaced all the files correctly

  • i'm doing this for years and i know what to do. it's not more than replacing the police, police2 etc. files. a lot of other replaced police cars i have used before didn't have that issue. no replaced ambulances, firetrucks etc. have this issues. but now, for any reasons, this cars which were also working perfectly a few months ago are creating this issue. it appeared BEFORE the new update and i'm still on the old version of gta. so that's why i have no clue.

    edit: there are no extra carcols, vehiclesmeta files or something else. only the usual 3 yft, ytd files

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