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In over my head

  • Over my head or in this case it might be over her hair? I started playing with combining drawables from similar ped models with excellent success. I did quite a few Vagos female mods, combining all into one without issues.

    I also did all the regular Ada Wong models - giving me many different clothes and hairstyles in the same ped. All went easy and well. These are models here and the free ones on the patreon site.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to combine Ada Wong with Ada Wong Casual. So I tried to combine the 3 Ada Wong Casual models into one instead. I wasn't able to export to openformats. Not wanting to give up that easily i downloaded and installed Blender and the Sollumz plugin. Then without really having a clue what I was doing, I imported the yddxml from RPF Explorer into Blender and Exported it back.

    That worked! I was able to then export to openformats and after 30 minutes of editing I was able to go from 3 hairstyles to 9 hairstyles. Looked great in RPF Explorer. However did not look as good in game. I have almost zero experience in 3D modelling so I don't know if this is a problem with the skeletons or did I screw up one of the steps.

    Any hints on what I'm doing wrong, or if what I'm doing is even feasible, would be welcome.

  • That Ada Wong is me on any Sunday morning.

  • ok. So I compared the yft files and they are identical. That's good news but only adds to my confusion.

    Ada Casual has the same skeleton (A, B, or C) as AdaA (the original Ada Wong with different hair). So why can I modify AdaA by adding drawables but can't do this with Ada Casual???

  • Compared ymts and they are identical too. So yft (fragment) and ymt (meta data) are identical for both models. That leaves the ydd which contains the drawables (ydr). The ytd textures are not relevant for this discussion.

    P.S. When I say identical, i mean byte for byte - I'm using a utility called WinMerge for the file comparisons.

    Sorry if I'm talking to myself but will share findings when finished.

  • Compared the .skel files that are packaged in the ydd and they are identical as well. These are the ones packaged in the ydd. So same ymt and same yft for Ada Casual A and Ada Casual B.

    So all in all we have essentially identical models but with different drawables. This wasn't an issue with the Ada Wong (Ada) and the AdaA, and AdaB series - all were easily merged together.

    But I can't do anything with AdaCasualA, B, or C. Can't merge them at all. Obviously the meshes are different - but that's expected since the drawables are different. It's the position on the head or the scale that I'm guessing is wrong.

    I wish I knew how to 3D model, but I don't, so editing the exported text files is where I'm currently stuck.

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