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[Poll] What's Next?

  • Hello fellow community peeps! Its been awhile and I thought we'd kick off this reunion with a little poll to see what ya'll wanna see next, in case your boy might decide to get busy with some map work in the coming days wink wink :art: (:

    Go wild! :8ball:



    D, none of the above

    Instead of using YMAP and Menyoo for additional props I recommend to try learning how to create proper MLO interiors using CodeWalker


    This looks nice enough but the execution is below par because of that

  • @ReNNie Haha damnit too late for option D!)

    These were all done waaay back when menyoo was a thing. I personally love to work up an idea and not have it mirror its real world counterpart too much and just envision it in a new light!

    With that being said, all of these new updates would be making use of codewalker and other tools for sure. As a matter of fact I've been tinkering around with it for a while, hence the poll.

    So vote up! (;



  • Bri'ish

  • Menyoo = Best Trainer
    Menyoo Maps = Kiddy Garbage Suitable for Trash Bin Only

  • @JohnFromGWN John, I've had fun making maps and having a great time within the community, regardless of where or how they were made and you'd find a lot of people agreeing with that notion in my comments section. But you're perfectly entitled to your opinion.

    With that being said, things in life don't have to be a portfolio on behance, as if your whole life depends on how professional and perfect you can make something look for people to enjoy it, especially when you're doing stuff for free and just because you want to express your creativity. AND ESPECIALLY when you've got a life outside of gaming.

    I encourage anyone who wishes to take up map making to use what ever tool they want as long as they are comfortable with it.

    This dismissive & quite frankly snobby attitude right there is exactly what's wrong with kids these days. Learn to appreciate other people's work would be my advice. (:

  • @Great-Britain A poll is a vehicle to capture and assess opinions. I gave mine, without any filters, and it was definitely not directed at you, nor to be taken personally. I apologize if you were offended.

    Ironically it's the kids who are the audience for Menyoo maps and these are a great creative outlet for them.

    I'm not a map creator, I know my limits, but I am a consumer. I’ve never seen a Menyoo map worth installing.

    My benchmark, my standards are very different, not necessarily better, just different.

    A great map, in my opinion, is Liberty City ported to GTA5. Obviously done by professionals. On the community side, most of the great maps and MLOs are also ports from other games. FiveM has some amazing MLOs but not for free.

    For myself, those maps above represent the high standards that will never be met by Menyoo maps.

    Similarly, the lore unfriendly, no facial animations, poorly rigged, low polygon, badly textured ped models that litter all mod sites don't make the cut either.

    The wonderful news for Menyoo creators is that thousands of kids will download Menyoo maps. So I'm just a minority voice.

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