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How to install car mods files ( Not in dlclist files format)

  • Hi,
    Ive download car files from some mod creators, and it appears not to be in my usual way ( add line in item/dlclist.xml and add mod car folder)
    But it contain many folders instead with different type of files. Confused

    Please advise,

  • @Nung1G It's very hard, often impossible, to help if you don't provide clear, specific, examples.

    This could be text, a hyperlink, a screenshot, video etc...something others can use to help you.

    All cars are either addons or replaces.

    If it is a replace, you have many options, but if you're new just follow the instructions. Which files are being replaced and their location. Use a mods folder ofc.

    If the car is an addon you want the folder that contains dlc.rpf.

    If the folder says SP, that's the right one if it has dlc.rpf in it.
    If the folder says FiveM, that's the wrong one.

    If the folder is called FOLDER....well you can post here because you'll need instructions unless you can figure out the spawn name.


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