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Sky flickering issues with NVE + ENB graphics

  • Hey!

    I'm having some trouble with the latest NVE + ENB graphics mod. When I have a fresh install of them and have installed optional Bright Emergency lights, it all works fine in singeplayer.

    However, when I edit a clip in Rockstar Editor the sky goes flickering. Like it gets a little bit darker and brighter when the camera moves on. This is called the Adaptation in visualsettings.dat

    I followed a youtube tutorial of someone and a reddit post with the exact same problem. Setting all adaptation values to "0" fixes this problem and the sky doesn't flicker anymore.

    However, it works in Rockstar Editor, now another flickering issue starts when having bright emergency lights. I'm getting some kind of dark overlay, which is flickering on the pattern of the flashes of the emergency lights - both in singeplayer as in the Rockstar editor.

    I followed this post trying to fix it:

    It didn't work. Resetting the values of the adaptation to default values of NVE solves this particular issue, but then the sky flickering in Rockstar Editor comes back again (dark sky, light sky, darker sky, light sky and so on). There is no flickering on the emergency lights then.

    So basically, a fix solves the issue but creates another issue..

    Does anyone have experiences this too and has a fix?

    Will post a video of what I am experiencing by tomorrow probably!

    Thanks in advance!

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