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Building a boat

  • HI,
    i want to build a boat :)

    alt text

    I want to find the model in codewalker
    extract them and import them in blender, extract the 3d model, and convert it into a GTA5 vehicle (using marquis as base which is practically the same)

    I got here
    alt text

    but now I'm a bit stuck...
    the materials are missing and I think they are in file i can extract in otd

    but it doesn't import into blender, there is a plugin but it doesn't even seem to install... can you help me?

    (I already tried it some time ago and I didn't succeed... I want to try again, please help.)

  • Update
    i have all the model, but half texture/materials
    alt text

    Please help me find the others... i looked everywhere...

  • The model is a part of the map.If you want same textures you will have to find exact models like cs4_13_trailerboat_01_lod
    x64t.rpf - level - gta5 - _hills - country_04 - cs4_13.rpf - cs4_13_trailerboat_01 (The base model)

    Most of the textures are embedded and a few like 3 are in cs4_13_trailerboat_01+hidr.ytd

    You can always take textures from marquis+hi.ytd or add your own.

  • So...
    i have my boat 3D model...
    alt text


    suggestion on how to start to make it a GTA V vehicle? (starting from marquis)

  • So, I'm a bit stuck...

    I was expecting to export marquis.yft from openiv, import it to zmodeler, change the 3d model, adjust seats and rudder, export to yft and package for dlc...

    But something is wrong... I can open marquis, import it to my file but not delete all parts of marquis...

    alt text

    These parts don't seem to be anywhere, but they're there...

    can you help me?

    (this is the file i have)

  • @alebal i think there are some zmodeler tutorial. Maybe you will find some for blender too.

  • I watch a lot of tutorials, but that things looks like dont exist... but its there...

  • @alebal did you try export/import & edit with blender itself. I don't know much about zmodeler

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