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How can i use Menyoo in Map Editor?

  • When i go to load in Map editor, i see Menyoo. Can i change colors/textures of objects placed with Map Editor and using Menyoo?

  • @tedmed , Not sure what you mean. You hit 'F7' and Map Editor loads. Hit 'F8' Menyoo loads and 'F9' Menyoo Spooner loads. From what I understand, you can't change those numbers. Yes, you can 'overlap' ME and Menyoo elements, but they don't 'play well together' when you start trying to 'mix and match' because their asset cataloguing setups are different. So 'No' you can't change colors/textures of objects placed with ME using Menyoo. You 'can' move things around but make sure any changes you make are saved in ME.

  • Yes, my question was stupid, i didn't know Menyoo before. I know Menyoo better now and i don't like its trainer functions. I use enhanced native trainer, it's better for me. So i wonder if can i download somewhere only Menyoo's Object Spooner.

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