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After the latest update, my modded game crashes while loading the most recent save

  • Hello,

    A pair of days ago or so, as I saw that the game was getting an update, I made a backup of the .exe files and the update.rpf in mods folder. As for now, I already updated the game. Then I updated ScriptHookV. And I took the chance to also update ScriptHoovVDotNet to its latest revision.

    Now, when I run the game on Steam it says that it is build 2802. Online 1.64. And then the game crashes upon entering story mode and loading the most recent save. Why is the game not properly updated if I already installed its latest update on Steam and then updated both ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet? And why is telling me that it is build 2802. Online 164? Should it not be build 2824 if it was properly updated? What have I done wrong?

    Sorry for the noob questions. But I usually find problems like this when the game receives an update.

  • @Iajusacs delete gta5.exe and do a verify integrity.

    That will ensure your game is updated.

    SHVDN, latest version or the one from 1942, doesn't crash games. Scripts do.

    Verify integrity will fix build issue, maybe fix your crashing too issue because obviously your update failed.

    It's normal for updates to break things.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hey, thanks. I definitely must have done something wrong at some point. Because even if I delete gta5.exe and then make Steam verify the integrity of the game files in order to get the latest version of that executable, I am still getting that my game build is 2802. Online 1.64 afterwards.

  • @Iajusacs right click gta5.exe and from the properties see what version it says.

  • It says that is version 1.0.2824.0, which means the file is up to date, right? Then why in-game is telling me build 2802? Do you have any idea? Thanks for your help.

  • @Iajusacs Same Here and all 521 files of mines were validated.. Probably gonna have to wait for a game config like san los drug wars at least for me anyhow.Peace& GooD GaminG

  • Same here. Not really know what the problem is :/

  • @Iajusacs Mine always says 2372. I doubt they forget to update it. More likely the change wasn't significant enough to change build number. Who knows. But does it really matter? Your game, based on the executable is properly updated. Unfortunately, an update means your mods will be broken.

  • @Mikey1996 Not your first update right? If so, there shouldn't be any surprise your game is broken.

  • I'm getting a sudden crash too after updating everything. I swear it's always something that happens that requires us to do extra work to keep playing with mods. >_>

  • idk why the scripthookvdotnet author isnt updating the mod cause i just downloaded it and it crashed my game

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