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Do the scripts/Mods need to be updated?

  • only started using mods on GTA 5 a few weeks ago, now there is an update, no mods are working? i have just installed the scripthookV update, so do the actual mods need updating as well?, i have/had Bank heists, bodyguards and peds drop more money (scripts). i did have other mods, but they messed up my mission gameplay, so went down to only these 2.

    ALSO is there anywhere that shows me the original files of the GTA 5 (where GTA 5.exe is) incase i want to remove all mods and start fresh?

  • @Firest0rm 99% of mods will not need to be updated. Of the ones that do break, they may or may not be updated depending on whether they're actively maintained or not.

    Generally speaking, the gameconfig.xml is the only one definitely requiring an update, but many other issues can emerge.

  • Thank you for your reply.
    so would there be something wrong with the new version scripthookV then? as it seems strange none of the mods are working for me?
    i have tried reinstalling them all, including ScripthookV And SCripthook VDotNet and Native UI, all in correct location (Native UI in scripts folder, the scripthooks in main games folder).

    I did also move the game file to my external hard drive the other day, so that is why i reinstalled the mods and scripthooks etc, could this be causing the issue?

  • @JohnFromGWN Would scriptHookVDOTNET Need updating as well? as the last update was december 2022

  • @Firest0rm very unlikely but we don't know yet. SHVDN does not fix crashing after an update.

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