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Is your game broken after the update?

  • If it is, join the club with almost everyone else.

    If your game isn't broken it's likely because you haven't modded it.

    Write this down for the next update or commit it to memory:

    Every Rockstar GTA 5 update will break your game.

    Don't blame SH5. Don't blame SHVDN. Don't blame R*, they can do whatever they want with their game and they will continue that policy even beyond GTA 6.

    So for now, you will not be able to play until SH5 is updated and released and even then there isn't any guarantee it will work. Very likely the crash problems encountered will be fixed by an updated gameconfig.xml, when one is released. Maybe, if you're lucky.

    You can avoid these issues, which like clockwork, happen every single year, sometimes twice, sometimes three times a year, but that would mean paying attention and doing some preventative maintenance which is unlikely, right?

    Remember your GTA 5 isn't broken, it's your modded GTA 5 that's broken.
    If your game never ran properly modded in the first place, the update isn't to blame.

    1. First step is to update SH5 but everyone knows that
    2. Very likely, from past updates, you will need an updated gameconfig.xml - be patient!
    3. Likely, again from past updates, new dlc might break your modded game. You can try removing new dlc from the mod version of your dlclist.xml
    4. If OpenIV nags you to update your update.rpf, remember to back this package because you will lose your dlclist.xml, your gameconfig.xml, and all customisations you did in the mod version of update.rpf.
    5. Prepare for the next update so you don't go through this crap 2 or more times every year.


    1. Don't replace dinput8.dll with the one from system32. It won't fix your game, it will just essentially be if your game was unmodded - so yes it will load but without mods.
    2. Don't post over and over again. Be patient and wait.

    So be patient and wait for updated gameconfig.xmls or other updates and remember you could have avoided this and you can for the next time unless you enjoy pain and suffering.

  • @JohnFromGWN I hope this post will be read.

  • Thank you for this (I have this bookmarked :slight_smile: )!

    • What do you mean by "you will need an updated gameconfig.xml"? How and where would I find the latest one?
    • How do I remove the new dlc from my mod folder?

    I'm new to modding, and apologies if this has been answered already (if so, please share the link if you don't mind).

    If any of this info helps:

    • Game crashes on loading screen as the sirens are playing
    • I have the latest SH5 (ScriptHookV_1.0.2824.0)
    • Never had this issue before with previous RS updates
    • I'm running Windows 10, bootcamp version of an SSD
    • I'm using a Steam version of GTAV

    If more info's needed from me and again, if there's a solution I've missed here or on YouTube or somewhere, please let me know. Thanks again!

  • @Noir3000 An updated gameconfig.xml means you replace the one in your mods folder (update.rpf) with one from the mods section of this site.
    For example:


    In your case however, crashing at the sirens is a first for me - have never encountered that as a reason for a crash.
    Guessing it is a police (e.g. LSPDFR) script or mod that is broken and should be uninstalled.
    You're very lucky if this is the first time your game breaks after an update - likely means you don't have many mods installed?

    This article might help:


  • In my case because of the new update the game is crashing while trying to load story with the typical "Game exited with code 0xc0000005 (3221225477)" in the log file. makes me wonder if just like last time a new version of gameconfig and SHVDN will be needed too to fix the problem.

    And damn the people running steam to hell for turning on the game auto-update again after they updated the steam client. if they hadn't done that I could have saved the old files. >_>

  • @MegaTBull said in Is your game broken after the update?:

    And damn the people running steam to hell for turning on the game auto-update again after they updated the steam client.

    Not on my Steam they didn't and you don't backup your game right before an update. You back up well in advance. I backed up 2 years ago and just for consistency I backup major updates.

    Try the Steam depots to get your exe back.

  • @JohnFromGWN I know when to back up when I'm ready to and in this case steam updated a week before gta was updated and they turned on the auto update again for the game and other games I turned it off for. I also didn't see any posts about gta getting another update and if I did I would have copied the needed files.

    I'm in no hurry to play the game now since I have a few other games taking up my time now with Dead Space being one of them so I'll try fixing it when ready to again.

  • @MegaTBull the Steam client updates frequently. No idea why it reset your settings. And if you're reverting you can use any past update, whether temporarily or permanently.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you so much for the quick reply! You're correct, I don't have a lot of mods (mostly clothing, cars, and couple trainers).

    And sorry if I was unclear... the sirens I'm referring to are the ones that play on the intro startup screen (after the broken window sound, gunshots and stuff). I wanted to share that to say it doesn't get very far before it crashes (it doesn't even get to the part with the character illustrations!)

    I'll try the steps in the article you sent and post here if it worked. I did place the files from my backup folder into the game files folder and I feel I might've messed things up more since now it crashes even sooner than before (before I did that it at least got to the character illustrations before crashing).

    I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling so I'm not sure what's going on and afraid I really messed up... But fingers crossed, I'll try the tips from your link, keep troubleshooting, and post if I have any luck! And if you think of anything else your expertise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

  • @Noir3000 in general a verify integrity is sufficient if you screwed up game files. Uninstalling and reinstalling seldom fixes anything and will definitely not fix issues caused by modding. Always use a Mods folder and always check to see if your game runs without mods when you start troubleshooting.

  • @JohnFromGWN Decided to try something else and I see now that just having anything in the mods folder after the update is causing the game to suddenly CTD or have an infinite loading when trying to load the story even if it's just a single file.

    R* must have made some weird memory adjustments for the game to do that even with just a single file of anything in the folder. now I need to see what happens when I disable multiple old dlc they added and hope that lets the game load.

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