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Blogger deleted my GTA 5 Help Posts!

  • This is funny and very sad at the same time. Just wanted to share.

    A few weeks ago I created a blog with articles on GTA 5 Modding issues and some how-to's. Many of the articles were already published here, but I wanted to consolidate them in one place. I put in quite a few hours to do this and the result was pretty solid.

    The other advantages of having the separate help blog is that it would be easier to search (i.e. missing dedicated search here) and also for updating purposes. For unknown reasons these forums will no longer allow you to edit your posts after one year. So making changes, correcting errors, adding additional information wasn't possible in the original post, only in the reply function.

    Over the last few days, I noticed my blog was badly broken. I had taken great pride in ensuring no broken links when I wrote the articles, but the links had gone to hell.

    In the dashboard I saw many of my articles had been unpublished because I violated community guidelines. Interestingly the articles did not have anything remotely racist, no swearing, no politics, no child molesting, no woman assaults, nothing but technical content.

    Finally figured it out today. All the unpublished articles from the morons at Google has one horrible word in common. A word so disgusting that they very likely gave my name to the FBI and interpol.

    I expect the RCMP (Canadian Mounted Police) to knock on my door and arrest me at any moment.

    What was the word I used? Can you guess?

    It wasn't vehicles, wasn't peds, wasn't MLOs, wasn't YMAPs....it was weapons. Yep, I criminally had weapons in some posts.

    I wrote weapons, as in installing weapon mods and that makes me a criminal. LMAO. Imagine all the people who went on real life shooting sprees after reading my articles. lol.

    Should i rewrite the articles and spell it wepons?



    find and replace

    'weapons' to 'pointy things'

  • @ReNNie What about all the racist slurs I wanted to add.

    And the sex and violence and ethnic stereotypes and drugs and hookers and all the good things about GTA 5?

    And is this part of Google's Master Plan? To censor and eventually remove any word that they find offensive?

    Welcome to 1984, Orwell version.

    Omg. No more porn searches on google!


    @JohnFromGWN you sir, have been officially 'woked'

  • @JohnFromGWN That authoritarian bs sux ass dawg, You were doing good work too. Makes me wanna rage like Kylo.

  • @gtavjamal That was one of the images that got me in trouble.

    Apparently these are some words I used that are no longer acceptable in any context on Google's Blogger Platform:

    weapon, fork, knife, fists, wrestle, shoot, aim, gun, white person.

    These words are 100% acceptable and are encouraged on Google's Search engine however, and ofc PORN, because they generate revenue.

  • that's exactly why google is made from idiots and for idiots.

  • @Gelse

    I just checked one of the posts that has been unpublished by the Google Blogger bots, the one using the most sophisticated AI, and couldn't find any references to weapons. Actually couldn't find anything offensive at all.

    But the post did mention conspiracy (as in Rockstar purposely breaking the mods, as a joke) and the game engine RAGE. So my guess is the bot figured out that the conspiracy was how the government is out to get us and that RAGE meant we should storm the Capitol like they previously did in the U.S. Again, a post worthy of investigation by the CIA and FBI etc.

    That's the only way I can explain it, and it would be consistent with the fact that Google are just a bunch of greedy dumbf****s who make billions spying on us and selling our data.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah dawg in these cases it's ultimately always about the money. In my 14 years on this planet i've noticed...money >>> power >>> control >>> freedom. All that counts is what you can get away with ideally under the guise of being 'legal' and if currently illegal but you are rich enuf / have the connections change the laws to make it legal.

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