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real life California laws to GTA 5

  • I'm looking for a mod that adds real-life California gun laws to the game also it should be compatible with BetterChases+ Mod

    in the vanilla game carrying guns doesn't make sense.
    for example. I'm carrying a machine gun in front of the public but they don't even react or report it to cops etc.

    so I'm looking for a law enhancer mod that will add real-life gun laws to the game.

    CA Gun Laws

    also, I guess better chases+ Mod needs something improved such as the player will be imprisoned if he gets arrested or die above 3 stars.
    just to make the consequence of committing crimes and being arrested or dead.

    The mod should be configurable.

    I guess @Daimian @Dilapidated and their respective team will be able to create that kind of mod.

    Note: I Apologize for my horrible English

  • I live in Los Angeles, no one cares about the gun laws here in CA. Every other felon carries concealed here, and they have assault weapons also. And most of the civilan peds are unarmed. So, its like Los Santos anyway. Art imitating life.

  • @oldtimergamer6351 Florida is even more fun.

  • @oldtimergamer6351 OOO thanks for the information. but what about my other features suggestion?

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