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update issue

  • Hi, i'm tired of these rockstar updates, why us, solo players, they just don't leave us alone. We just want to enjoy the game that we've paid for, with some few mods.
    Everytime when i finish to fix everything, and my gta finally works well, rockstar updates again :thinking: :unamused:

    This time i've changed the new scripthook, but still issue it crashes during the load screen.
    I've deleted scripts folder, but still don't work.
    I know i'm not the only one in this case, but what is the solution?

    Thanks for the help

  • @LRNSR

    It's actually unheard of, a company that updates its software. Obviously they are doing this to piss all their customers. They got my $15 bucks but they still act like the game is theirs when it's actually mine now.

    My game broke back in 2021, after the Tuners Update and I still haven't been able to play modded. I've written to them many times and they never answer.

    So, I'm done writing. I"m taking action and I encourage others to join me and bring them down. We paid for the game, don't tell us what we can or can't do.

    And stop breaking our mods. I know a lawsuit is expensive but I've saved most of my tip money earned at the drive-through, so I'm in good shape.


  • @JohnFromGWN totally agree with you, it's crazy how rockstar acts silly.
    On all my other games (assetto, nfs, garry's mod,...) it's easy.
    The only way that i got is to play fivem, so sad.

  • @LRNSR yeah, after my game broke and nobody could fix it I went back to GMOD. Love the HL2 mods and source engine.

    Going to boycott GTA 6 as well which will likely put Rockstar out of business, but hey they've only themselves to blame.

  • @JohnFromGWN it's crazy how it seems that issue affects almost everyone, but we're only few people really try to fix it, but even with a lot of time spent, still stuck.
    I guess people must play fivem, rage,...
    Definitely gonna to avoid all future rockstar games, it's a shame. :rage:

    I've checked if it's the right updates for scripthook, scripthookdotnet, menyoo, gameconfig, packfilelimit,....
    Deleted my "mods" folder" but still the same issue. :sweat:

  • i've had an issue with RPH all of a sudden. it turned out that microsoft has updated it's defender which didn't let me start the game.
    disabling AV (defender) till the game is loaded was the solution for me. maybe it helps you until microsoft has repaired it's failure.

  • @JohnFromGWN hi it worked for you?

    @Gelse hi thanks for the help. Did you had crash during loading screen too?
    I'm almost sure that my av is already disabled.

  • @LRNSR said in update issue:

    @JohnFromGWN hi it worked for you?

    Disabling your AV is not a solution. It's a bad workaround. And I don't use RPH.

  • @LRNSR Hi friend.

    Try copy "UPDATE2.RPF" and paste in yours Mods/Update.

  • @Fabito48hd hi friend, i've seen your reply yesterday, and i've tried today, it finally works :grin:
    Thanks a lot

  • @Fabito48hd Good catch hermano.

    I don't use Update2.rpf because I reverted, but I've seen several users claim it fixed their issues after and update.

    If I'm understanding this correctly, it means for a modded game, GTA5 only looks for update2.rpf in the mods folder and doesn't like it when its missing.

    You would expect it to look in the game folder, if absent from the mods folder. This is something that the OpenIV team could look at. I haven't installed the game from scratch in years so I'm assuming OpenIV still only flags Update.rpf and not Update2.rpf for modding?

    Anyway the update2.rpf is really an extension of update.rpf, likely done due to file size limitations or similar factors. That's how I understand it unless someone has a better interpretation or the real reason for its presence since the April 2022 Update.

  • I've always had Update2.rpf in the folder since the last game update and even when adding the latest version of it the game still CTD when trying to load story while mods are in the dlcpacks because of this game update.

    For some reason having any mods in the folder will either make the game CTD or infinite load which leaves me wondering what else might be needed or might need to be updated since the game worked fine before the game update came.

  • @MegaTBull there are two options for modding GTA5 in my book.

    1. You revert to a stable version. This ends all issues and you can even swap back to the most current update if a mod requires it or you want to play GTAO. No more problems, no crashing, no infinite loops, no CTD, nothing but gaming.

    2. You get lucky and you update without any issues. This is unlikely so now you can play the process of elimination to solve issues. Is it a dll or asi script? Is it a map? Is it a vehicle? Is it a combination of mods and scripts and hardware and PC software.

    Personally I no longer have the patience. I just installed an additional 200 cars bringing my total to over 1000 on old PC.

    I'm testing my LemonUI code now, about 20 cars at a time, to see if they spawn properly because I wrote a script to write all the code but of course some creators love to have different spawn names than the folders, so these are corrected manually.

    So far so good but I have one Ford GT that spawns or doesn't spawn consistently. Probably a modkit or similar conflict. I'll spend 20 minutes max troubleshooting and if I can't find the solution, into the trash it goes.

    In passing, this is a first for me. A car that may or may not spawn and doesn't allow the script to be refreshed. The spawn inconsistency I can understand, but the script not refreshing is without explanation.

    That's my philosophy now. Don't play online, don't like new DLC, so I play reverted and watch the complaints after each update from the sidelines, comfortably with the knowledge I won't be impacted.

  • @JohnFromGWN Whatever the problem is this time it has to do with anything being in the mods. also for mods I only use peds and vehicles and I noticed with just the peds in the folder the game will CTD and if it's just vehicles even with just one vehicle folder the game will infinite load.

    Take everything out and the game will load normally which has me believing gameconfig and anything else that might be controlling memory to allow more mods to be used is the problem. also the game does continue to load normally even with trainers and scripts and when those are taken out of the picture the game will have CTD and infinite load problems as long as the mods folder has anything in it. 🤔🤔

    I would love to solve this memory mystery so that others that are having the same problem even when doing the things you and a few others have said continues to happen so they can have an answer and get back into playing with mods in the latest game updates if they're unable to go back to an old version.

  • @MegaTBull A ped that isn't compatible with your setup, reasons unknown, will crash your system instantly or at spawn.
    Once more you need to work by elimination.

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