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very strange issue realy need help from expert

  • hi guy s ,i have a very strange issue with my gta 5

    well i have al ot of mods installed everything work fine ;) hummm well not so much lol
    i experiment a very strange bug my game randomly crash at loading when i press play story mode sometime i can play sometime the game crash . i try so many gameplay.xml when i change it, that work, but second launch fail so i always change my gameconfig to optimised my chance to launch the game it s very strange i don t get it .

    p.s) i have only the police pack from captain 14 from lspdfr at dlc in update/update.rpf/x64 dlcpack to add police cars sheriff and fbi since this add my trouble looks came
    could be so great to have some help . thx guys !!!

  • @spyloops Try updating getting a better gameconfig.xml https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars if that doesn't work try updating scripthookv or reinstalling GTA V or deleting your mods folder and adding the cars and weapons you need again

  • @spyloops this is the exactly the problem i have had today , everything was fine and then it decided to crash after log in , i deleted all mods and it was fine , after installing them again it is crashing again

  • ok i reinstall everything and things looks work now i think OpenV corrupt something,
    thx you guy s

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