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About Gameconfig

  • Hello sir!
    I want to say that plz update gameconfig file for latest version of gta 5 1.0.2824 because of this i can't launch my game with mods.

  • @Talhaadil23 you have to be patient and also remember that the guys who update gameconfig.xml are fully aware there was an update. That's the good news.

    Now the bad news. Absolutely no guarantee a new gameconfig.xml will solve your specific issues because your modding setup is unique to you. Nobody out of the millions of GTA5 gamers has the same hardware and mod environment.

    The only foolproof way of ensuring a problem free game, as of writing, is to reverse the update. You can do this temporarily or permanently by swapping in one file, GTA5 if you're afraid of backwards compatibility.

    That's the near perfect solution. The best of both worlds. Play updated or GTAO unmodded, or play SP fully modded requiring a 10 second copy paste. You might not be able to adapt all the new DLC, but you can at least play and then take your time to fix the updated version until it works.

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