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Turn source code into a working mod?

  • I have no idea how to script or anything. I been looking at all the programs for scripting but have no clue. I just would like the mod Basic Needs that has the source code turned into a working mod that I can go into and edit things around. Like LUA or CS mods. I know those I can click on and edit stuff inside unlike ASI or DLL ones. How would I do this?

  • @SnakeSlippers said in Turn source code into a working mod?:

    I been looking at all the programs for scripting but have no clue.

    There aren't any programs for scripting. Scripts are just plain text - whether your write them in C# or VB or LUA. An ASI is essentially a dll, except it always goes in your root/game folder where it will be loaded by dinput8.dll. Unlike a regular dll, ASIs are much harder to decompile.

    You don't "click and edit stuff" in ASI or dll files because that's not how it works. They have been compiled so they are in what is called a binary format.

    So you want to learn? How would you learn anything else? You use a search engine and look for GTA 5 scripting tutorials.

    There are 2 principal ways you can learn:

    1. Like a programmer. You take a course in C# dot net, this is the most common one for GTA 5, and learn how to program in that language. Then you next move to GTA 5 scripting by searching for tutorials and also by examining the code of open source mods etc.

    2. The half assed, I'm impatient method. That's me. I don't have the time nor the patience to take a full blown course and I don't want to, don't need to. I've been able to do basically everything I wanted from a scripting perspective by trial and experimentation. I have my own trainer menus and plenty other stuff that I wanted. I don't have any aspirations to be a programmer, and again, my needs are met.

    Most of my scripts are in C#, my dlc selection tools are in VB, and my FiveM menus are in LUA.

    I don't recommend my method. I strongly encourage you to learn how to program first, C# dot net being the first choice.

    As a tool you will need a compiler or full blown IDE, the first choice of just about everyone is Visual Studio and it's free.

    Unfortunately nobody will teach you, one on one, how to script GTA 5 and the experts are rarely here and if they are they aren't likely to answer your questions. However you have nothing to lose by posting for help on these or other forums, but again nobody will give you a complete course.

    I'm not familiar with any of the tutorials below, I just did a quick Google search which you could easily do yourself.




  • Thank you for the info but you misread the part where I said I can click and edit stuff in Lua and CS mods "UNLIKE" ASI and DLL files. And I just double checked right now and can indeed click and edit stuff in the LUA and CS mods I have.

    And Im not really trying to get into making my own scripts at the moment. Just wondering how to slap that source code to Basic Needs mod into a mod so I can make my edits then put it into a working mod. Basically repackaging the source code. I really just would like to change the text into percentages.

  • @SnakeSlippers

    Yes I misread, or read too quickly. You can indeed edit scripts that are in text form such LUA or uncompiled C sharp (CS).

    Not sure what you mean by "slap that source code" but I understand what you want to do and that involves learning how to program.

    If you don't want to go down that path, for whatever reason, than why not post a request in the forums or reach out to the original author - I'm not familiar with that script, in fact I don't use any.

  • Without knowing how to script I just figured if you have the source code to a mod then you have everything you need to make your changes and then save it and turn it into a working mod, I guess? What else needs to be done to it?

  • @SnakeSlippers Yes, it's that easy if you're a programmer. That means understanding the source code and have the skills and expertise to make the required changes. The easy part is recompiling as a dll or asi.

    So back to the original post. If you're doing something ridiculously easy, for example changing a color from red to blue, or a title from "My Mod" to "My new Mod", then all you need to do is make your text changes and learn how to compile in Visual Studio.

    I doubt that's the case, not that simple, right?

    Of course, if the original mod isn't compatible with the current GTA 5 version, then you're really SOL.

  • Yea I was looking on how to recompile after I make edits. I dont know how to add new systems or code or anything. I want to use the mod Basic Needs that has the source code. I would just change the prices of items and the names of them. The hard things would probably just be to change the text on screen to show a % instead of just the text, and to maybe add more locations to the list it already has.

  • @SnakeSlippers yo did u find any solution? I am looking for the same :)
    I just wanna change some values but I dont know how to compile the "source code " into a ".dll" again

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