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can't play gta5 after update

  • Hi everyone! Nice to meet you.
    I have a problem, can you help me?

    I've been playing gta5 with script hook v, openIV, and enhanced native trainer installed.
    I haven't been able to launch gta5 since gta5 was updated at the end of january.
    Judging that script hook v cannot be used because of the update of gta5,
    I waited for script hook v to be updated as well.
    Finally script hook v was updated 4 days ago.
    So I copied the latest files to the gta5 folder. But gta5 wasn't normal.
    When I click 'Story Mode' on the home screen of gta5, gta5 closes after loading for a while.
    I can't play gta5 anymore.
    How can I solve this problem?
    Please give me some advice.

    P.S. For reference, I bought gta5 from the epic store.

  • Same thing happens to me even with mods disabled so I'm guessing the problem might be coming from Community Script Hook V .NET, gameconfig or one of the other files needed to help make mods work.

    It might even be another memory setting causing it but won't know for sure unless more people can do testing and hopefully figure out what's wrong now.

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