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  • Hi, i installed redux, but my fps decreased a lot. I guess that car lights (or reflections by car lights) causes it. Is there any solution how to fix it? Turn off lights during a day or maybe decrease quality of lighs. It´s much worse at night. Thanks for your help.

  • Try to down your settings a little bit from the menu, if it doesn't help then probably you cant fix it, also yes night is worse because there are more reflections, also rain and thunder are a FPS dropper, so you can only drive at daytime,

    what are your specs?

  • @ahmed023 what settings exactly?
    fx 8320 4,0GHz
    msi r9280x 3GB DDR5
    16gigs of ram 1600mhz kingston

  • @KubiiQ Normal settings and Advanced settings, Dont put everything to the MAX, Also there is a bar that shows your GPU memory, Don't make it to bad for your GPU, I have REDUX and with the settings I have it has used 3000MB of the 6000MB. I also get sometimes the FPS drop outside the city, don't know why yet..

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