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would it be possible to create our own version of GTAO player ped(m/f)

  • the player peds from Gtao have made what many fivem rp servers are, great to this day! However, it is in my opinion that maybe the community should start to make their own version of Gtao player peds and here is my explanation why!

    No matter how you make them, the player ped will remain the same, females will all have the same body type as will the males.

    I mean sure you can mess around with different heads, skin tones, eye color, scars, tattoos, and hair but your body type will still be the same as the others out there! On top of that when it comes to clothes there are many types of good clothes you can set your character up with however, if you wanna add in custom clothes you'll have to unfortunately replace those clothes. (I'm not sure if addon outfits are a thing but please someone let me know if they are!)

    In my opinion I think the models are starting to show their age. There are times I swear if I pan the camera a certain way I can see behind my characters eyeballs, also not to many people may realize this but the MP ped toes are fused!

    which is why I was wondering... why hasn't there been anyone to try and make their own take on these characters but with a shit ton more of customization options not just skin types or heads or eyes scars ect but multiple body types some people can chose to be skinny or maybe go for ripped or maybe chunky or husky.

    Maybe down the line create a script where people could lose weight over time to where they can eventually move to being ripped. Also community made clothing shoes you name it, would allow for a ton more options. clothing slots wouldn't be limited anymore due to new clothes being available to add on to the characters maybe someone wants jiggle physics for their character they could totally do that if they want.

    I mean sure, you don't have to use the MP player models you could use one of the many other NPCs available in the game but their customization options are extremely limited so you wont much to work with but, to each their own!

    sorry for this rant, it was in my head all day and I just wanted to post it up here and see what people think!

  • i feel u. I run into it alot making scenes and maps with menyoo its tough to not have a bunch of dudes who look the same standing around

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-fat-outfit-pack-sp-fivem

    this is as good as it get though unfortunately besides som mods that replace the body types but then again u end up with everybody being built the same

  • @scarredface1017 its nice yes but it replaces over stuff already there I hope some day there will be a way for addon clothing and body types that will not replace anything as they will stand by their own which would offer people more to work with!

  • I mean modders have single handedly made gta 5 more visually appealing modern fun to play even after finishing story mode with hours of extra content to keep you in the game I don't think its too far fetched that this could be a possibility!

  • @TheDman131 it's not far fetched at all especially with EMF and other add on slots type mods , u could always use on of these then rename the files so that it doesn't replace something already there

  • @scarredface1017 please Elaborate!

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