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[SCRIPT] [WIP] - Quadcopter-Redux

  • Official discussion thread about Quadcopter-Redux that I'm developing, a complete rewrite of Quadcopter by LeFix.

    This new version has been completely rewritten using the ScriptHookVDotNet library. The objective of this new version is to bring additional features and improvements.

    Quadcopter-Redux is a real drone simulator, mainly for FPV drones, but future flight modes are planned to simulate the behavior of stabilized drones like DJI drones. Using a FPV drone simulator is almost essential to learn how to fly FPV drones safely. It requires some practice and experience before being able to master the behavior of the drone in manual mode (acro).

    There are many drone racing simulators available, but they all lack a detailed world which feels alive, the huge GTA map is the ideal playground for a drone simulator.

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  • Hi pilots,

    New version 1.1.0 is released, what's new :

    • added "Angle" flight mode (configurable max angle and damping speed)
    • added support for 3 rates profiles
    • added Betaflight, Kiss and RaceFlight rates models
    • new keyboard shortcuts : C for change camera, F to change flight mode (acro, angle)
    • default flight mode is now Angle
    • Armed is not set as default
    • reticle in osd can be hidded
    • replace cam button with flight mode button
    • added current flight mode in OSD

    Have a good flight

  • Hello! @dakilla

    Like the gap in the iron frame, it looks like it can go through, right? But no, the actual collision volume is not the steel shelf, it's the air wall.
    So I thought, we can use the button to manually turn off the drone collision, and when the drone passes through, turn it on again to avoid falling below the ground.

    San Chianski Mountain Range

  • @Galen5c Ah ok you want a button to bind the colliding on/off option.
    Ok why not.

  • I wonder if there is not already a mod that improves the map on some collisions...

  • Hello,

    I'm currently redesigning all the physics, and I'm looking for FPV pilots to test and try to set the best parameters for the drone's behavior to be close to reality.

    I have created a specific physics menu with a lot of parameters that need to be adjusted and tested.
    if you are interested let me know. Thanks

  • @dakilla
    What kind of help do you need? I have 5 FPV emulators on my computer.

      1. DCL-The Game
      1. FPV Air 2
      1. TRYP FPV
      1. Uncrashed FPV Drone Simulator
      1. The Drone Racing League Simulator
      1. Red Dead Redemption 2

    These simulators can be good references

  • @Galen5c Great, Which one do you prefer for physics ?

    I coded a new physics system to manage the gravity, buoyancy, velocity, inertia, etc... of the drone and I'm trying to find good parameters to simulate a realistic behavior. It's not easy and it requires a lot of tests to evaluate if it's close to a real drone. So I would like to know from other FPV drone pilots if it is close to their drone.

    if you are interested I can send you by PM a custom version to test this new physcs.

  • @dakilla I made myself figure out how to properly mod minecraft for FPV in the last couple days.
    Then I read about the mod Lefix made for GTA but I could not get it to work. I just wanted to stop trying then I found out you rebuild the mod just a few days ago. Got it installed and it works from the beginning. Thanks you for taking your time building it.
    I have several smaller Drones. The Tinyhawk and the Tinyhawk Freestyle II. I connect the drone via usb to my PC and with a command in Betaflight it turns my drone and controller into a gamepad.
    If you need someone for testing, Hit me up.
    I just installed it and will spend some time in GTA. I'll report if I encounter problems.
    Again thanks!

  • @Backslash-Bernhard Thanks.
    I'll be quite busy nex few days but the new physics system will arrive in the one week or two, I'll need your feedback to test et see if everything is ok. Thanks

  • @dakilla Alright! So far my experience with the mod was flawless. Handling could be more realistic but that will be the reason you will implement the new physics system. The menu is really comfortable to use. Even better than some dedicated sims out there. It really is fun chasing cars and helicopters. For me I use it as a way to get more natural with the controls so I don't crash that often in the real live. If you want to reach out to a wider audience and get in contact to more professional pilots, I would suggest to let Joshua Bardwell know about your mod. He has a Youtube channel and streams news about all things considering FPV. He is also into gaming. You should contact him via email through his website FPVKnowItAll. If you'd like I could also spread the word.

  • @Backslash-Bernhard thanks ;)
    I released the new version 1.2.0 that support a new physics model that is more configurable.
    It is more convenient to simulate tinywhoop, try using smaller propellers size and adding more drag coef.
    I'll be glad to have your feedback.

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