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GTA 5 Crashing Prematurely & Possible Memory Leak?

  • Hey I could use some assistance please I'm Trying to play GTA 5 With Redux,
    The Real-life Cars Mega Replace Pack,
    Roads of Europe
    add-on Cars(50)
    add-on Peds (20 Peds)
    Pull me over
    Better Chases+
    Open All Interiors
    Simple Zombies
    Lay & Crouch Mod (Stance)
    Premium Motor Sports
    Beta Take Downs
    Dismemberment Mod (Latest)
    Enhanced Native Trainer
    Toyota Dealership (Add-on)
    All the Heist Missions By M8T (7 Heists)
    Reshade (Latest) with Redux Shaders with Stock Reshade Settings
    These are the main mods I'm using but that's not my issue but It could be tho I did look to see if everything was compatible and everything works but recently I've been crashing after it work yesterday no problem I didn't change any of the file now today the game is crashing on the loading screen I changed the game config value Clothstore from 60 to 600 in the Custom Config I'm using it worked for a little bit but a couple of my mods now are having issues and it keeps telling Me there a memory error in the Native UI Log is there anyway to stop this from happening I'm thinking there's a Memory leak in one of the mods because I preform a clean install the other day because I was experiencing this too and verified my game files did a fresh install of all my mods but like to know if there's any solution to fix this or stop GTA V from crashing prematurely I have Enough ram 32 GB And an RTX 2060 so the hardware shouldn't be the issue and yes all my drivers are up to date

  • I have done all these steps I'm thinking I have a memory leak and have no idea how to fix it plus I have tried removing all my mods and reinstalling them one by one I recently found out tho after verifying my game files after backing up my mods to a whitelist for later so I can just re-inject them all at once that Even without Mods My GTA 5 will crash I didn't modify any of the original game files but am thinking I might need to a fresh install please advise me if there's a better solution no idea what could be causing even the base game to be crashing without any mods even

  • @KG99 said in GTA 5 Crashing Prematurely & Possible Memory Leak?:

    Even without Mods My GTA 5 will crash

    If your game crashes without mods, then obviously it's your hardware, or your software, or both.
    If you think it's a memory issue, it would manifest itself with other games and other apps.
    Make sure you don't have shit running in the background when you play - and check for processes and services on startup which you don't need, don't want.

    Your issue isn't with GTA 5, it's a PC issue.

    P.S. You did disable dinput8.dll right? Just do a verify integrity, reinstall is a waste of time.
    One other thing to check, from personal experience, is a corrupt save game file. Back yours up and then delete the original.

  • This is Useful information il try this and get back to you I did try All the Basics checks like Removing (dinput8.dll) and I did the "Sanity Check" all my Drivers are up to date I check everyday and have automatic updates for my PC on my hardware is Windows 10 i7 10 Gen
    (Gaming laptop) with 32GB RAM just bought a month ago (the the RAM) and a RTX 2060 I'm not really sure what else to do but I uninstalled the game and am reinstalling it as we speak its already at 30% btw about my save it was the highest rated 100%

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