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unknown mod error help needed

  • [03:02:05] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script HomeInvasion.Main because constructor threw an exception: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
    at SHVDN.NativeFunc.NativeCall()
    at SHVDN.NativeFunc.NativeTaskPtrArgs.Run()
    at SHVDN.ScriptDomain.ExecuteTask(IScriptTask task)
    at SHVDN.NativeFunc.Invoke(UInt64 hash, UInt64* argPtr, Int32 argCount)
    at GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash hash, InputArgument[] arguments)
    at HomeInvasion.Main..ctor()

    this is the error that I got while trying to start my gta v game im not sure what to do as it keeps crashing i did a full wipe of all my mods lastnight this is the first time I've ever seen this error this script was working for me before by the way the mod is Home Invasions any help would great!

  • @KG99 you did a full wipe of your mods for nothing because the error message clearly tells you what's causing your issue.

    Remove that script from your scripts folder, if it involves an asi remove that from your game folder.

    Error message will now disappear like magic.

  • I removed this script from my game but then it it made the same error for Dismemberment, Native Enhanced Trainer & Home Invasions I'm seriously scratching my head and have lost hours of sleep trying to just play the game for even just half an hour with my mods working like I know these mods work and didn't have these issues before the last update but every update breaks something...I had 100+ mods working I won't name them all nor would I remember them but they're all the same mods so I know they should work but if you'd like a detailed list of every mod maybe you can help me fix my game btw I accidently deleted the original Commandline.txt from the directory or reather deleted the writing in the txt and am wondering if that could be causing the crashing but that error seems Memory related could it possibly be a memory leak??

  • @KG99 You have 2 similar posts going on at same time. Confusing.

    I looked at your other post, what you have installed (other than peds and vehicles) and I don't understand how your game doesn't crash.

    You have so many potential culprits.

    Turn them all off. Turn the most important ones to you back on, ONE at a time.

  • After a fresh Reinstall of GTA 5 & Doing a full Scan of my Registry & Auto Repairing it I've Successfully got my game Back up and Running All thanks to GTA5-mods Forums Thanks for help and having Useful Guides! It just takes a brain to figure it out!

  • @KG99 Well that's a new one. An issue in your registry?

  • @JohnFromGWN must of been from the virus i got a while back not all GTA V mods are safe... and I found that out the hard way after fixing my registry by just doing a full scan and and auto repairing any broken files also reinstalling the Rockstar Games Launcher and Deleting my old save made the game work again i have a feeling the culprit the entire time though was the save game file as the mods i was using then are same I'm using right now and they all work and today i recently experienced the same thing where the game would crash on the loading screen so i went right to my documents and deleted my old GTA V save and now the game is working without issue (and yes I got rid of the virus)

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