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  • After some issues with Blogger (morons at Google) censoring my articles because they contained offending language such as "weapons" and "pain in the ass" - and, no I'm not kidding - I relaunched the site.

    This site is not meant to replace forums. On the contrary, it's a collection of hopefully helpful articles, updated, categorized, and searchable - meant to complement the forums and keep things organized, at your fingertips (or keyboard tips).

    Click on Keywords to see categories. Click on search, at the top right, to...well, you know, search.

    Working on this site I realized how broad and complex GTA 5 modding is and how I might know just a teeny bit of it. However, I do know how to troubleshoot and even though it's just common sense, I've done my best to keep it simple.

    If anyone wants to contribute articles, please let me know.

    Just click on the image below.

    alt text

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