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C# help.

  • ight so idk how to code but I had an idea of a script so I asked chatgpt to write a c# gta 5 mod hitman script that when you press the key F2 it spawns a random gang member (not a families member) with a combat pistol and with a player blip at a random location not too far away prompting the player to kill the gang member. also, show a notification saying what gang member it is. once the gang member has been killed the player will be rewarded a random payment from $500 to $1500 but ofc it doesnt work.

    could anyone help me fix he following code?

    using GTA;
    using GTA.Native;
    using GTA.Math;
    using System;

    public class HitmanScript : Script
    private bool isMissionRunning;
    private Ped targetPed;
    private Blip targetBlip;
    private int rewardAmount;
    private readonly Random rand = new Random();

    public HitmanScript()
        // Register the key F2 to start the mission
        KeyDown += OnKeyDown;
        // Set the update interval to 1000 milliseconds (1 second)
        Tick += OnTick;
    private void OnKeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
        // Check if the mission is not running and the F2 key was pressed
        if (!isMissionRunning && e.KeyCode == Keys.F2)
            // Spawn a random gang member with a combat pistol
            targetPed = World.CreateRandomPed(new Model(GangMember()), GetRandomLocation());
            targetPed.Weapons.Give(WeaponHash.CombatPistol, 100, true, true);
            // Create a blip for the target ped
            targetBlip = targetPed.AddBlip();
            targetBlip.Color = BlipColor.Red;
            targetBlip.Scale = 0.8f;
            // Show a notification with the gang member's name
            UI.Notify($"Your target is a {GangMember()}. Eliminate them!");
            // Set the mission as running
            isMissionRunning = true;
    private void OnTick(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // Check if the mission is running and the target ped is alive
        if (isMissionRunning && targetPed != null && targetPed.IsAlive)
            // Check if the player is near the target ped
            if (Game.Player.Character.Position.DistanceTo(targetPed.Position) < 15f)
                // Show a notification to prompt the player to kill the target
                UI.ShowSubtitle($"Press E to eliminate the {GangMember()}");
                // Check if the player pressed the E key
                if (Game.IsControlJustPressed(0, Control.Context))
                    // Eliminate the target ped
                    // Remove the blip from the map
                    // Calculate the reward amount (random value between $500 and $1500)
                    rewardAmount = rand.Next(500, 1501);
                    // Show a notification with the reward amount
                    UI.Notify($"You eliminated a {GangMember()} and earned ${rewardAmount}!");
                    // Set the mission as not running
                    isMissionRunning = false;
    private string GangMember()
        // Define an array of gang members (not including families)
        string[] gangMembers = { "Ballas", "Vagos", "Aztecas", "Triads", "Mafia" };
        // Get a random index from the array
        int randomIndex = rand.Next(gangMembers.Length);
        // Return the gang member at the random index
        return gangMembers[randomIndex];
    private Vector3 GetRandomLocation()
        // Get a random location within a 300 meter radius from the player's position
        Vector3 randomLocation = Game.Player.Character.Position.Around(300f);
        // Get the ground
        randomLocation = World.GetGroundHeight(randomLocation);
        // Return the random location
        return randomLocation;


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