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How to use weapon texture from gta5 in Blender

  • Hello, i have a problem with texturing weapons form gta5. I use CodeWalker to export models and textures, then i import it to blender. Then i connect all textures that i have and result is terrible. Its not like in the game.
    In gta5 uses not standart type of color texture. They use texture called DPAL and other transparent texture for color. And i dont understand why.

  • @SuperMegaUltraCheel
    I posted the rest of this before I noticed you posted some pics (the pics/links are invisible for me for some reason. Site is real slow today tho, so might be that etc), just bear that in mind when reading the rest of this etc :thumbsup:

    DPAL is a Diffuse Palette texture. Perhaps used as it's a more efficient way to implement weapon colour tints as opposed to supplying lots of different coloured full size weapon textures &/or models for each tint. Also likely allows code to change the weapon tint on the fly without rendering a whole new weapon model/texture.
    Basically, it contains lots of different coloured blocks/areas & depending on what tint you choose ingame, the game selects & uses a different pixel location within the dpal texture to apply that colour/tint to the weapon/model.
    If you want to edit the colour of a certain tint, you just open the dpal texture, find that colour & change it to something else etc.

    I've not used Blender, or the Sollumz plugin before, but I downloaded & installed Blender v3.3.3 & Sollumz v1.1a (current version, ie 1.1a, not 1.2a) & imported the 'w_sg_assaultshotgun' into Blender to have a look:

    Blender DPAL

    I didn't have to edit the textures/shaders in any way, that screenshot is how it loaded up after importing the 'w_sg_assaultshotgun_hi.ydr.xml' & going by what I know of using 3DS MAX everything appeared to be setup up correctly within Blender automatically.

    Without making any edits within Blender I also test exported that 'w_sg_assaultshotgun_hi.ydr.xml', imported it into Codewalker & then had a look at it within OpenIV's Model Viewer also. I haven't loaded it in-game or anything tho, but it appears to be functional & correct in OpenIV's Model Viewer at least.

    Obviously, I'm no Blender expert or nothing, having used it for literally 5 mins, but might be able to point you in the right direction once I figure out what your exact issue is?
    It wasn't apparent to me what was terrible from the pictures alone etc.

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