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ME2YM not working! How to create YMAPS?

  • Hi Guys,
    I'm having trouble converting a Map Editor xml map to ymap. So far ME2YM isnt working with error 'Unable to read file'.
    Is there another way to make Ymaps please?

  • @akatek blender

  • @akatek
    Upload the Map Editor '.xml' somewhere like https://www.mediafire.com/ & post the link here & I'll take a look at it :thumbsup:

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks...Blender is a new learning curve for me. Might take a few weeks...

  • @a63nt-5m1th Ok, add me on discord https://discord.gg/mYgra5rf Ill upload something there in a private chat as its not a public release. Or as a private file on GDrive or something.

  • @akatek
    Jeeze, this ended up a monster, good info ofc, but just send me the file & I'll do it lol (unless ofc you're used to reading Lord of the Rings on your lunchbreak) :smile:.

    I don't have Discord, but you could upload it somewhere in a nondescript passworded '.zip/.7zip/.rar' etc & privately PM/DM me the link & password (I sent you a PM/DM for ease of initiating that purpose), then delete the link after I download etc, that or the private file on GDrive would work :thumbsup:.

    Alternatively, the more protracted method, albeit it can be good learning & satisfying fixing it yourself etc, would go a little like this:

    Wondering if you read this on the ME2YM Description tab page? Especially the second one:


    • If you seem to be getting an error when opening a map editor and/or a menyoo file, then install this https://slimdx.org/download.php and use the x86 version for 4.0. Also, make sure that the mod files are not in a zip archive when you run the exe. All files need to be in the same folder, besides the example dlc pack, it's not relevant to this. Hope this helps!
    • Remove all ped and pickup references from your xml files, these are not supported in ymaps and you will get an xml error when trying to import the map.!"

    His slimdx link is broken now, but I believe he means this download here:
    https://storage.googleapis.com/google-code-archive-downloads/v2/code.google.com/slimdx/SlimDX Runtime .NET 4.0 x86 (January 2012).msi
    (I think this would likely only apply if you were having issues converting every xml you tried, but might be worth giving a try).

    The 'Improvement.xml' from the mod I link to below appears to have peds in it, but doesn't throw an error on opening or converting it in ME2YM. The peds simply seem to be removed from the resultant 'Improvement.ymap.xml', so I'm not sure what is going on there, other than perhaps the mod author's GETTING AN ERROR? message was for a previous version which he then coded to ignore/remove peds rather than have ME2YM throw an error about it.

    So, maybe don't waste time manually removing peds (if you have any), at least initially, as it appears from my testing, that it will be handled automatically anyway, once you get the file to load ofc. Pickups on the other hand, may well still throw an error, just keep that in mind etc.

    Menyoo/Map Editor/YMAP Background Info:

    Menyoo/Map Editor XML files & '.ymaps' are all essentially just a list of props & their locations within the GTA V map. The only real difference between them is the formatting. They can be converted between each other manually if required, just a little time consuming (& boring) if they have thousands of props in them etc.
    I mention this, because if you figure out that some prop (or something else) is incompatible with a ME2YM convert, but you know for sure it is supported in '.ymap's, then you could remove it/them from your Map Editor xml, convert it, & then add it/them back in manually to the '.ymap' after it's converted (wouldn't be too much work in that case etc).

    Daignosis/Testing Methodology:

    First thing would be to confirm for me whether any other Map Editor XML's convert for you successfully or not?

    If you're not sure, or you haven't used ME2YM for a while, or with a different file previous to this etc, download this mod (12.3MB) & try converting the 'Improvement.xml' in it to '.ymap'. It successfully opens & converts for me with no errors.

    If the 'Improvement.xml' file converts successfully, then presumably something in your '.xml' is incompatible with ME2YM (like having an empty '<Hash>' line ('<Hash></Hash>' etc) or one with an incompatible character in it ('<Hash>-</Hash>' etc)) or something that's incompatible with '.ymap's in general (like the peds/pickups mentioned by the ME2YM mod author) or alternatively, there's possibly some kind of formatting error within your original file.

    All of those issues mentioned above (& likely others too) will result in this error message when trying to Open the file:

    ME2YM - Failed to Load File

    Syntax Check the XML in OpenIV:

    At this point, grab your Map Editor xml file & drag & drop it into OpenIV in a location of your choosing (anywhere will do).
    Then highlight the xml > right-click it > & select 'Edit'. Once it opens, hit the '[</> XML]' button in the file header (top leftish, right of '[Paste]' button). This will syntax check the file & give you a warning hint & take you to the line it thinks the error exists on if any are found.

    Sometimes syntax errors don't point you to the exact line the error is actually on. They get you close, but often point you to the line where that part of that syntax completes/a new block of data starts, as opposed to exactly where the error is. If you do get a syntax error alert when you check the file & can't figure it out, use a codeblock (see instructions on posting codeblock below) to post the entire block of data surrounding the line ('<MapObject>' to '</MapObject>' etc) that it alerts you to:


            <Y>0.999999642</Y <!--  >>> Error is in this line here (missing '>' at end of line) -->
            <Z>0</Z> <!--  >>> but syntax check alerts user to this line instead -->

    Codeblock Instructions:

    Copy these three lines to a blank txt file etc > overwrite only this line > copy all & post into gta5-mods forum post.

    Manual Testing Process:

    If indeed, you only have issues converting with your aforementioned 'Unable to read file' xml file & a syntax check comes back clean, I would then probably proceed by backing it up first obvs, & then jumping into it with a text editor (Notepad++ etc) & removing, say, the bottom half of the props list within it. Save it & test a new ME2YM convert.

    If that works you know the issue resides solely in the bottom half of the xml. If not, revert that delete & remove the top half instead & test again. Those two steps should (if you're lucky) tell you whether it's something in the file that might be causing issues & give you a rough location, but that method, although easy & fast, isn't foolproof, as you could potentailly have duplicates of a problem prop etc that exists both in the top & bottom half of the file (ie multiple duplicate &/or similar issues in both locations to find & remove).

    For a more foolproof, but perhaps slightly more time consuming method (depending on how advanced & automated you get with your text editor (ie using Replace functionality & wildcards & such etc) & how big the map file is), you'll need to remove all of each prop type's blocks of data one by one testing ME2YM inbetween each removal.
    ie Find all the 'prop_tree_pine_02.ydr' etc hash entries (for example) & remove the entire block associated with them > save > test a convert. Then, without reverting anything (ie leave props you remove removed for now), pick the next prop etc & remove all of their full blocks of data & test a convert & so on.

    Alternative Quick Automatic Prop Removal Test:

    You can, alternatively, or perhaps as a quick automated diagnostic test, if your text editor has Find & Replace All functionality (Notepad++ does) search for the hash of a prop etc & replace it with '0' (zero) as that will not cause an 'Unable to Read File' error:




    & Replace All with:


    This process will only eliminate errors caused directly by the prop hash, as that is all you are changing here, & there may also be entries in your xml that aren't caught by an automated Find & Replace All as well:


    Say you search for:


    but one of them is incorrectly written as:


    it will be missed, but if you get through most of your file without a resolution, it should be relatively easy to manually scroll through the file (or search for <Hash> & then check the next one > then the next one > ... etc) & notice entries that haven't changed & will certainly, by that point, be quicker & easier than checking every full entry manually one by one in the original unedited file, especially if it's a large file.

    Also, given you are only editing the <Hash> line in the example just given, it won't catch any issues in other lines. For that you would need to go through the file, & as mentioned previously, remove all the entire blocks of data for each prop type one prop type at a time. That's the only true 100% foolproof method, so depending on map size & complexity, you may well want to skip the previous methods & just start here with that.

    I could probably go into more detail lol, but I think this post is likely big enough already. Figure out whatever way you are comfortable handling it & let me know. Send me the link & I'll do it all, but if you opt to go it yourself & you have any other questions as you proceed, just give me a shout etc :thumbsup:

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