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Help figuring out what mod causes a feature

  • Hi I’ve spent the last 1.5 days modding gtav and I have come across a map blip from a mod the blip is named criminal and it’s a red skull it spawns a crowd of criminals or hostile npc that upon killing all of them plays a sound letting you know you have defeated those criminals however, later, more end up spawning. I really want to figure out what mod this is so I can get rid of it as it really annoys me. If you need a video showing what I am talking about, sound or a photo please feel free to let me know. @Potatoes9411 oh also idk if this helps but I narrowed it down by deleting the scripts folder and then launching it which caused the red skulls not to appear on the map and the criminal npc not to spawn meaning it’s a script files of some kind most likely.

  • So I figured out what was causing that but now I can’t figure out what Mod freezes the player after a cutscene gta. Like it freezes me in place but when I try to walk or run I run or walk in place and I can still shoot and throw throwables

  • can i play you that mod

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