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how do i edit skydome and clouds shape and colour

  • need help

  • @aerthi

    skydome.ydd: & the '.ydr' cloud models in 'v_clouds.rpf ('cloudhat_cloudy_base.ydr' etc) can both be opened & edited in 3DS MAX using the GIMS Evo plugin.
    The GIMS Evo plugin works natively on:

    "+Any 3D MAX version from 9(with Service Pack 2 and "AvGuard DLX Extension") to 2016." (& also 3DS MAX 2017 from my testing).

    Newer versions of 3DS MAX either don't work, or require extra steps to get them to work. You'll have to search the internet for more info on different version specifics.

    For cloud colours, you would edit 'cloudkeyframes.xml':

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\cloudkeyframes.xml

  • what do i edit in cloud keyframes to make mixed coloured clouds

  • @aerthi
    I'm not sure you can, not at the same time anyway. You can change the colour of the clouds to be different depending on different times of day, but I don't think you can apply multiple distinctly different colours to various parts of the clouds at the same time, just slightly different gradients of the same colour (darker/lighter etc) that are caused by the darker/light areas within the textures in 'v_clouds.rpf'.

    If you've seen any screenshots of mixed colour clouds, post them here, I might have an idea of how they have been created if I see screenshots of them, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be possible using 'cloudkeyframes.xml' alone, it only has values that apply the same colour to the entire (3d looking) clouds all at the same time.

    You can contrast them by changing the colour of the background (simple) clouds. Their colour is controlled within the timecycle files. Other light sources like the Sun/Moon influence the perceived colour of clouds within their area of influence & certain fog colours within the timecycle files likely have some influence too (but I've never really pushed those values to extremes to see what they are capable of influencing).

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