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Windows 7 running GTA V

  • Question aimed at Windows 7 users please.

    Do you have any issues with GTA V on Windows 7?

    Soon I will be switching my Windows 10 computers to Windows 7. Just want to be sure all is good running GTA V.

  • @gtavjamal Just remember that Win 7 is in the min requirements which is good but also remember that anyone running Win 7 is likely on hardware from the 1920s and consequently will have trouble pushing the mods well before their limits.

  • @JohnFromGWN Good point thanks!

  • @gtavjamal and of course they will blame SH5 and swap out dinput8.dll from system32 or uninstall Menyoo because it can't be their PC.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol. You just reminded me. Neo's computer in the Matrix. I always thought it was like a desktop supercomputer since he was some super hacker guy but now I wonder how powerful it really was??

  • @gtavjamal Sorry the topic a tad bit old but now seeing this, he was the first person who invented AI. The pc doing all those searches on it's own. I wonder what it was looking...

    But damn, miss those days where games were made to entertain people and despite how bad the graphics were they were felt just too good to be true .. and then again, were those actually true, real? or were those just signals being perceived as real by our brain? Guess we will never know, well to be honest, the little sims in Sim City have no freaking idea they are just some pieces of a program either, they do what we do and cluelessly follow simple basic rules, same as us... Wake up, eat, work, sleep, wake up, eat, work, sleep, a never ending loop ..

  • @MissySnowie hey i never noticed that lol. i thought he had a video playing in the background while he was sleeping to music. didn't realize the computer was searching on its own. cool.

    awesome graphics are great but just a tool. graphics wow factor is only really relative to ones expectations but no substitute for legit gameplay. gameplay should always be #1

    thats why modded GTAV V is so amazing , gameplay + graphics with virtually endless mod creation possibilities.

    yeah as long as our brains are entertained and satisfied then all good. if we are in an simulated reality then i want the cheat codes please haha.

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