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Liberty Cry Corrupting Game?

  • I used to play with the Liberty City V Remix mod which was great and I loved it, but when I installed Vice City West my frames dropped super hard whenever I went there. I deleted GTA V due to PC storage issues, then reinstalled it shortly after and I decided to install the Liberty Cry OIV which came bundled in the same RAR that LCVR did. I did everything the exact same way but now whenever I start my game it tells me

    Corrupt game data. Please reboot, verify game data, or reinstall the game

    I tried the first two things it recommended, to no avail. If I delete my mods folder the game runs perfectly, but any time I try to add this mod I get the message again.

    Note: I noticed I get the error message after the step of putting the dlcpacks into their subfolder in the mods folder.

  • @MadMajora when any mod is problematic the RAGE game engine may flag it and assume a vanilla game file is corrupt. You can reinstall 20 times and it won't make the slightest difference because the game itself is fine. It's your corrupt or improperly installed mods deceiving the engine.

    With that out of the way, who knows what crap your OIV is installing or replacing. For example the OIV might be replacing your 2023 gameconfig.xml with one from the 1950s.

    Your best bet is to remove the LC mod, if you can, and see if your game runs with other mods like vehicles installed.

    If it does, I suggest you unzip the OIV and do a manual install.

    Keep in mind that if you have an updated game you will potentially have issues with older mods.

    I wish I could be more specific but there are so many variations of LC, particularly in combination with VC, that I've lost track. I actually keep separate configurations for these 2 mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN This is helpful, I know that other mods aren’t causing me problems. So, I’ll just have to figure out how to manually install it. Thank you for the quick response.

  • @MadMajora said in Liberty Cry Corrupting Game?:

    @JohnFromGWN This is helpful, I know that other mods aren’t causing me problems. So, I’ll just have to figure out how to manually install it. Thank you for the quick response.


    In the video above, you'll see all the crap the OIV will install - replacing new files with older versions that will no longer work with an updated game.

  • @JohnFromGWN The video you sent is actually the exact OIV that my original post was about, so it helps tremendously.

  • @MadMajora I'm glad. What you can do also, is remove the old files in the content folder and replace them with your own updated ones.

    If you're comfortable editing the xml, you can also remove the crap you don't want to be replaced.

    Good thing is you can do all of this without even unzipping/extracting the OIV.

    Good luck, holler is you need help.

    P.S. I'm not even sure if this is the LC i have installed - i must have 6 different versions on my HDD, but only one installed ofc.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I tinkered with things for a few hours.

    I edited the xml and the content folder, but the only thing I’m unsure about is where I put these files to install them if I don’t want to use the OIV installer and instead want to “manually” install everything. Do I just drop the content folder in the game’s directory? Or do I need to go file by file inside of the folder and place some of them into scripts folder?

    I have never unzipped an OIV because this is the first one that’s ever given me trouble. I wouldn’t imagine the xml would have use if I’m not using the OIV installer but I edited it just in case.

  • @MadMajora check the contents for files you don't want replaced and remove them and remov the corresponding entries in assembly.xml. you only need to remove the xml entries but this way is more foolproof.

    Then run the OIV installer.

    You can always restore files from your vanilla game to the mods folder and you can easily install a new gameconfig.xml and updated packfile-limit-adjuster which was updated a few patches ago.

    Just make sure to backup your dlclist.xml and any files you may want to keep.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Well, the OIV installer keeps failing when I try to install the package and at this point I think I may just be throwing my hands up and giving up. I guess I just should’ve never deleted my game because this mod was working fine before then.

    For Context:
    I opened the game one time after the OIV was installed but before I move the dlcpacks folders to the dlcpacks subfolder. The mod technically loaded and the collision were all there, but everything was invisible since I didn’t include the dlcpacks. However, second I dropped those folders into the subfolder, everything was completely ruined, and I haven’t been able to get back.

    Thank you for responding so much and sending a ton of resources, but I’m just not quite sure how I messed things up this badly :/

  • @MadMajora

    Assuming you have the proper hardware to run this map, this is what i would suggest.

    1. Backup your dlclist.xml
    2. Copy update.rpf and update2.rpf from vanilla to your mods folder.
    3. Copy over your backed up dlclist.xml to your mods
    4. Run a clean OIV version of LC, or try another version of LC (re-download if necessary).
    5. Install the OIV as you normally would
    6. Restore gameconfig.xml and packfile limit and any other files you saw in Contents that should not have been replaced. Download from this site and reinstall.

    Once more keep in mind that LC and the latest patches don't necessary play well together but at least the city should show up.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Thank you, sincerely, for the help and patience.

    I got a new OIV installed properly, the game is loading now without the error message. One by one I would close my game, add one more file to the mods dlcpacks subfolder until something bad happened. I finally determined the source and more importantly the file being affected.

    My update.rpf file has seemingly been the one being corrupted. Now that I have found the source of my issues I believe I know how to solve them.

    Your help has been infinitely appreciated. As it stands, I think that should be everything.

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