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Cant start game with mods folder.

  • I tried to start the game without the mods folder and it worked fine, but when i added it the game gives me the ERR_FIL_PACK_3 error message.

    My mods folder is just 16 addon cars (and obviously a changed dlclist).

    I have packfilelimitadjuster, heapadjuster and gameconfig installed.

    This only happened very recently and has worked a few days ago.

    can anybody help me here?

  • @TxnkOwO

    Error messages are unfortunately deceptive, misleading, and generally useless.
    The fact you have 16 cars is misleading if for example you're on your grandparent's laptop with 640K of RAM.
    Also, all it takes is one bad car, one bad ped, one bad mod to crash a system - even a bad text file.

    Packfile errors are usually resolved with the pack file limit adjuster and I'm assuming you have the current version which was updated a few patches ago.
    As for gameconfig.xml, you need an updated one - generally after every patch/R* update.

    The fact your game works without mods, and was working until recently, points to a recent change: something you edited, added, replaced, deleted, or a game update.

    If this happened after you updated GTA 5, you're not alone.

    This might help:

  • after validating the files on steam, replacing all the adjusters and the game configs with the most recent ones, redoing the whole mod folder (only adding the cars, gameconfig and the dlclist) and restarting my pc, it still doesnt work.

    given that i am far from an expert on this field, i think the best course of action would be to check each car individually, that is if a single one doesnt crash my game in an instant of course.

    if this has any results i will be updating this reply

  • @TxnkOwO you can check each car individually or remove 8 of your 16 entries from dlclist.xml and test.

    You can remove the entries or simply comment them out.

    If the game works, you know the problem is one of the 8 you removed.

    If not, remove another 4, rinse and Repeat.

    Also, keep your gameconfig.xml at its default values and avoid testing vehicles with large file sizes until you figure it out.

    Mods are very finicky. I just crashed my own game with one line of code in a script I was testing. Immediate CTD.

  • so after some amount of testing i found out that simply changing the default gameconfig to F7YO's gameconfig in my mods folder will crash the game.

    it will continue to crash even if i replace it with the original and will only stop if i remove the whole mod folder.

    i am beyond confused and honestly have pretty much given up on problem solving.

    i think ima just reinstall the game and go from there.

  • @TxnkOwO reinstalling won't help if your game works unmodded.

  • @JohnFromGWN it helped.

    i cant explain how or why but after deleting the games whole folder and reinstalling it, it works perfectly fine. (with the same cars, mods, etc. as before)

    computers are a myth to me.

  • @TxnkOwO

    Deleting the game folder is very different than reinstalling.

    Reinstalling refers to the game files. Deleting the entire folder removes all your mods, allowing for a clean reinstall of both the game and the mods. However it doesn't address other files such as your save game.

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