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[Help] Mods or Hardware problems

  • Hi guys, soo.. my personal GTA V there is a lot of mods (very much) my GTA V modified folder have 120GB of espace..
    i have a 85% of my GTA V modified, mods like clothes, all of cars and bikes, building textures, roads, desert, all of weapons, graphics mods and others..


    My game gives a constant error. like in screen
    Screen: http://imgur.com/a/XaVIX
    My game runs like 30 sec / 1 minute and crash with this error..
    The probability of this error decreases when i enable the option" Decrease traffic intensity" on Menyoo Trainer.

    I really wanted to fix this because I love playing with mods (like a lot of you) and making my game even more realistic.
    But I do not know what it can be, if it can be some mod (although I have tested mod by mod) or if it may be because of my VGA which is a bit weak, I will change it to GTX 1080 next month.

    My Config is:
    I7 6700K , 16GB DDR4 and HD7870 2GB (Next month GTX 1080).

    Thanks guys!

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