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How do I add the 5th seat to the car?

  • I have one car with 2 seats, the same vehicle I saw from other servers, they made it with 5 seats. I also want to add 5 seats to the car. I added 4 seats, but I can't add the 5th seat. I even named it "seat_pside_r" but it still didn't work, I did "seat_pside_r1", it didn't work, how can I solve it?
    alt text

  • you need to edit your vehicles.meta <layout> to something that support 5 or more seats, like LAYOUT_STD_STRETCH, stretch use seat_dside_r2 tho, this is the easy way, and you may need to adjust seats position because its a standard layout so the seats are high, if you need low layout seats you have to do your own vehiclelayouts.meta, not an easy task

  • @rbsace said in How do I add the 5th seat to the car?:


    Thanks man, it worked when I did the "LAYOUT_STD_STRETCH" you said.

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