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How to increase the brightness of natural light through TC?

  • Hello everyone, I would like to ask some questions。When I lower the sunlight, then what should I add to increase the brightness,like the overcast sky in the video like this

    I've tried adding postfx_exposure, but it's very unnatural. Hope someone will reply, thanks

  • @13013435725
    Just so you know, when editing '<postfx_exposure>' values, you can also edit these values to tweak what min/max range of brightness/darkness can be shown on screen:

    <postfx_exposure_min> = How dark the darkest parts of the screen can get

    <postfx_exposure_max> = How bright the brightest parts of the screen can get

    Can be useful for fine tuning '<postfx_exposure>' if it looks a little too dark/light in places.

    For the Sky Brightness:
    Main overall brightness/darkness value for the sky is '<sky_hdr>', but you can also use these values to edit individual areas of the sky:

    '<sky_zenith_col_r/g/b/iten>' = The Sky straight up above player
    '<sky_zenith_transition_col_r/g/b/iten>' = Roughly half way down (basically the sky inbetween Zenith & Azimuth)
    '<sky_azimuth_east_col_r/g/b/iten>' = Sky near Horizon (East/Sunset side of map)
    '<sky_azimuth_transition_col_r/g/b/iten>' = Sky near Horizon (North & South of map)
    '<sky_azimuth_west_col_r/g/b/iten>' = Sky near Horizon (West/Sunrise side of map)

    r/g/b = Red, Green & Blue Colour
    inten = Overall Intensity

    If you want to know what area a '_col_r/g/b' value affects, set it to to pure red or something & then once you load in-game, you'll see what it affects & what it's area of influence is etc.

    For the Land/Environment Brightness:

    <light_natural_amb_down_r/g/b/inten> = Downlighting - The light shining down from above onto the land/environment
    <light_natural_amb_up_col_r/g/b/iten> = UpLighting = The light shining up from below the land/environment

    As with most things in GTA V, it's all about balance. There's no hard rules, given there's so much flexibility in how you can implement the miriad of values & the fact that many influence each other & the overall look in unison.

    ENB/Realtime Editing:
    If you have ENB installed, opening it in-game & tweaking the SkyIntensity values (basically similar to '<sky_hdr>' timecycle value) & 'AmbientUpIntensity/AmbientDownIntensity' values (similar to '<light_natural_amb_down/up' timecycle values) on the fly is a good way to get an idea of whether you want certain things lighter or darker etc. No need to save the ENB, (unless you really like the look you find & it works for all weathers etc), just use it as a guide to how you want to edit the timecycle files etc.

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me, I would like to ask some more questions.I noticed in the video I shared,The original author's buildings and other models are very delicate and smooth,the surface is covered with white light or white mist,do you know which data in TC controls these?Sorry, I didn't express clearly, I tried my best to express it,thanks again for your help!

  • @13013435725
    I'm not sure, could be a combination of shaders used in Reshade etc also. Reverse engineering a visual look from a pic/vid alone is pretty difficult (unless you've had that mod/mod combination/timecycle/shader/s installed & know the look etc).
    Best bet is to either track through each of the author's vids & see if anything is mentioned or contact them directly & ask.

    Gam3 4 Lif3 lists these mods in the vid description:

    ▬▬▬Graphic Mod▬▬▬
    ⭐️QuantV 3.0.0 (Note: Be aware QuantV was found to contain (potential drive wiping) malware a few months back)
    ⭐️NaturalVision Evolved
    ▬▬▬Addon Mod▬▬▬
    ⭐️GTA V Remake
    ⭐️Forests of San Andreas
    ⭐️GTA V Remastered
    ⭐️Forests of Blaine County
    ⭐️DLC Vehicles Spawn Naturally
    ⭐️Extended Camera Settings
    ⭐️Raindrop Texture [4K8K]

    So most likely the timecycle is from QuantV or NVE. If I had to guess, possibly the RTGI shader causing the smooth look.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you so much

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