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No collision on menyoo stunt props

  • Hello there,

    I have some menyoo maps with ramps and stuff for my son to play with. Recently those became bugged, stunt props, particulary the large tubes and ramps have no collision, also the green speed boosts are working in reverse, slowing car almost to stop instead of speeding up.

    I understand there was some shit going on with contract update, which I have disabled now, but I started with this very recently and it is hard to search of what was going on at the time. I've seen an years old post of a dude telling he was having the exact same problem I have, but that had no answer.

    Anyone can help me fixing this? Stunt maps for my kid are the main reason I started modding the game.

    I'm on 2372.2 btw if that matters

    alt text

    Track works fine, smaller tubes are also ok, large tube and ramp have no collision

    I've turned it off and on again, speed boosters are abs devices. I've tried to delete and add them again, no success.

    It worked with no issues a while ago

  • I just found out:

    I think I remember something about bullets piercing stuff from some mod I've used, that was probably when I swapped this file

    I don't use oivs to install, I'll just pick whatever I want from mods, so I have bits of lots and lots of mods and won't be able to track the source, but restoring vanilla materials.dat solved the issue

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