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Please help with fivem & single player cars

  • Got question since you been in the game for a while building whips can you tell me two things 1. I got a truck from fivem converted it over to play in sp works good the only problem I’m having is when I try to hook a trailer up to the truck it will not connect and I went into vehicle.meta and made sure I had the trailer I’m using listed below still won’t connect ???
    2 questions I have another truck from fivem when I spawn it in game it puts me in the truck like normal but when I get out the truck it won’t let me back in the truck also before I got out the truck it would not let nobody else such as my body guard enter the truck but when I exit the truck I can’t get back in until I delete the truck and spawn it again???? Wierd if you can plz help


    This Is A SinglePlayer Forum.

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