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If anyone can please help me !

  • Got question since you been in the game for a while building whips can you tell me two things 1. I got a truck from fivem converted it over to play in sp works good the only problem I’m having is when I try to hook a trailer up to the truck it will not connect and I went into vehicle.meta and made sure I had the trailer I’m using listed below still won’t connect ???
    2 questions I have another truck from fivem when I spawn it in game it puts me in the truck like normal but when I get out the truck it won’t let me back in the truck also before I got out the truck it would not let nobody else such as my body guard enter the truck but when I exit the truck I can’t get back in until I delete the truck and spawn it again???? Wierd if you can plz help

  • @LTG01

    Posting the same request twice or more won't necessarily get you an answer quicker or even an answer.

    If someone can help, they will. Most ppl here are SP, not FiveM, so you can also try the FiveM forums.

    In passing, it does help when you specify which of the 100,000 truck mods you're trying to fix.

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks for the smart unnecessary reply I wasn’t posting the same thing in two diffrent forms to get a faster reply I posted it in the wrong form at first that I didn’t wanna post in second it really don’t matter which 100 million truck I’m talking about cause it’s not a mod on gta5 mods it’s a general question

  • @LTG01 No matter where you post, it will still be visible in the original forum and in the recent posts.

    With respect to a general question, the answer invariably will be "it depends on your mod" because unfortunately mod creators don't follow standards and the meta data for Truck A will not be the same as in Truck B.

    So when you say my mod is broken, the reply is which mod, particularly since the user community here is focused on SP and very few request FiveM help.

    When you say in general, I'll reply be specific. It's the same price to be specific and you don't waste your time and that of others.

    If someone can answer your question without the model, wonderful for you.

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