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Game crash when loading into add-on map with multiple peds?

  • Hello! I've recently discovered an issue with an add-on map I have placed into GTA 5.

    I correctly installed the 'French Riviera' mod into the game with no issue. It loads into the GTA 5 world just fine. As I'm recording machinimas, a scene needed multiple characters, so I used the spawn function with Scene Director to add and teleport peds over to the add-on map.

    When the first ped loads into the add-on map, it loads and works fine. I can walk and drive around the map without issue. However, when I try and teleport the second/additional ped(s) to the add-on map the game instantly freezes and crashes. This happens every single time I try and teleport an additional ped to the add-on map.

    Has anyone experienced this issue or has any advice on how I could fix this? There haven't been complaints from users about the mod itself, and I have run the usual game verification files and updated gameconfig, scripthook, etc.

  • @KnightHunter-Studios
    There are 2 versions of this mod, if one doesn't work try the other.
    Make sure all other maps and ideally all MLOs are disabled if you want stability.
    While teleporting peds shouldn't be an issue, this map can be problematic near the tunnels and at the airport.
    Also, did u try spawning with a trainer? Scene director is a very old mod.

  • @KnightHunter-Studios

    Just did a quick test and no apparent issues. If you're filming at the airport, all it takes in one wrong vehicle and down she'll go. But for most of the map it's very stable. As I wrote before, what is key for stability is to keep what you need for your scenes and nothing else- if you're running Liberty City and Vice City and French Riviera at the same time you might not have much luck.

  • Thanks so much for your response, really appreciate it.

    I've tried both versions of the add-on map mod and the crash remains. And this is the only add-on map I have installed into the game.

    Is there a trainer you would recommend spawning with? My issue is I use the 'custom peds' mod (to create original characters for the machinima, of course) and when spawning in the custom ped I need, the game crashes at the add-on map once more.

    Re: the video. I've spawned in multiple peds on the island itself (using Map Editor to place them and then using Scene Director to possess/control them) and there are no stability issues. However, when spawning in the aforementioned custom peds (which transports you to and from Los Santos) that is when the crash happens.

    I hope this made sense. Thank you so much again for your help so far.

  • @KnightHunter-Studios

    I'm not sure what is causing your issue but you've identified the cause.
    Have you tried using Menyoo or Simple Trainer instead?
    You can customize your MP male and females with them and place them anywhere as well.
    I don't use the MP female, rarely the MP male, but they are both highly customizable with the Trainers and should not crash.

    edit. I just looked at the customs ped mod and it too is an old mod - 2018 - and uses NativeUI which is no longer supported. This could be part of the problem as well.

    I don't do any machinimas but remember watching videos by a guy who was a huge fan of scene director but switched partially at least to Menyoo when the former was no longer maintained. So you might want to consider changing both those mods...or one or the other.

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