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  • Do you need gta to make mods?

  • @akjfries14 You don't need GTA to make some of them. Script mods for instance can be made without any GTAV data/files... but to test them, you do need GTAV.

    For things like vehicle mods, ped mods, texture mods etc... you will need GTAV to get the data files required to work with.

    I'm going to move this into the modding discussion, as it seems a better place than here to get more/better answers.

  • Sorry, for posting this in the wrong place, i already tried to do some scripts, windows wont let me run them for some reason

  • @akjfries14 Windows won't let you run them, because you need GTAV for that... but you can write them without having GTAV installed. That's probably my fault for taking your question so literally... sorry.

    If you are looking at making mods, then I would strongly advise getting GTAV, otherwise, you will have no way of testing them to see if they work. And getting them to work involves a lot of testing.

  • Okay thank you man! -akj

  • Hi, thanks for deleting my comment and not giving me an answer or addressing me that this wasn't the right thread for posting my question like you did do for the person before that posted. ANYWAY can anyone help me find the name of the animation that consists of your character leaning his or her arm on the door of an open top low rider please? or if that's not question like enough for you, does anyone know what that animation is called? Thank You! :cartwheel_tone3:

  • @TheFunRuiner LOL I didn't delete your post, I simply moved it and created a new thread with your post so you can get answers faster. I was trying to help.
    You can find your thread here.

  • @Akila_Reigns oh well ya coulda told me. Thank you, you sexy, sexy human being. :cartwheel_tone3:

  • Can you download these mods to your x box one or an x box 360 and still use them??

  • @Csabin26 Please do not discuss console modding, it is not allowed on the site... this is a site for PC mods only.

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